astrology, skeptics & us

twinkle twinkle little star
how i wonder what u are up above the world so high
like a diamond in the sky

this was the poem i learnt as a nursery rhyme. I was always charmed by the glittering silvery stars but as I grew a few yrs older, I learnt about some stars that don't glitter and they were not at all stars but they were "planets". As a early teenager i learnt abt the imp of these planets and the way moon controlled tides. After 18 yrs of age , due to some personal exps my belief in astrology strengthened. these huge heavenly bodies do tie us all together with unseen strings, they make us meet giving births to " co-incindents". They take us apart too but still they give us the liberty to change our fate by the power of "FREE WILL".Belief in astrology doesn't make a person lame, dependent or superstitious but it makes him aware of his assets and weak points, thus, again giving the power to make best use of the prior & to eliminate latter.

several horoscopes that i have examined have only reconfirmed my this belief . So, next time u meet any skeptic remind him of the famous quote , " IGNORANCE IS BLISS BUT SOMETIMES ONE MUST SEEK KNOWLEDGE"


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