5 Things to Avoid on the First Date

Everyone loves to fall in love. But falling in love is easy but to get love in return is quite difficult. The cupid might hit you the arrow but he might not hit the same arrow to the opposite person. So, how to make cupid hit the same arrow? It is a tricky question but does have a simple answer.

Right recipes can make delicious dishes and avoiding wrong methods of attraction can make love delicious. People often ruin their first dates by either being to hasty or too slow. Neither is the correct way of attracting a girl or a boy. If you are looking for a long term relationship then consider this, “Haste is Waste” and “Dead Slow” is not a positive term. The key is to strike a balance. Some people turn out to be major turn-offs on the first dates. Take a look at these five points that you must avoid on first dates.

1. Don’t be Boring: Talk what is necessary, don’t drag a subject that is not interesting to your date.

Just talking about your interests will only be a major turn off. Allow your date to share his or her interests

with you. Let the conversation get a flow.

2. Don’t be shabbily dressed: Appearance counts the most on the first date.

Remember first impression is the last impression. If you are improperly dressed

on the first date this will create an impression that you are a loser. Appearance

may be deceptive but it the most valued factor on the first date.

3. Don’t go overboard: Avoid going overboard on the first date. Don’t talk cheap

stuff or try to show your fiery romantic skills. Nobody likes people

who behave like hungry wolves on the first date. It will make you look desperate.

Be romantic but gentle.

4. Don’t be indifferent: Some people show a very self-centered attitude on the first date. They are not interested in showing any genuine interest in a discussion not started by them. Listen and participate in

the conversation initiated by your date. If your date is a vegetarian, then don’t criticize him or her for

being one. Try to comprehend that person sincerely.

5. Don’t be Pretentious: People tend to be showy on their first dates. If you try to

imitate Brad Pitt or Leonardo Dicaprio even if you actually are Robin Williams;

it will only disappoint your date. Don’t try to be Jennifer Lopez or Lindsay

Lohan; if you are Hilary Duff or Jennifer Aniston. Pretense of any kind makes

you look like a loser. Robin Williams’s sense of humor is unmatched by Brad Pitt.

If it is your key point then highlight it. You can easily charm your date with your

honesty and sense of humor. Jennifer Aniston is cute and chirpy, she has her own

beauty. Flash your personality and your Brad Pitt will be hooked. He will

definitely have a “jolie” good time with you.

These are just basic five things to avoid. If you avoid them then you will maximize your chances of getting the one you love.


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