How detox foot spa can reduce Osteoarthritis effectively

Osteoarthritis is not bound by age and can occur at anytime. Osteoarthritis can be less painful that rheumatoid arthritis but the problems it causes are certainly not less troublesome than rheumatoid arthritis. The first thing that comes to your mind when you experience morning stiffness or pain in joints is that it can be stress. We tend to overlook the symptoms of Osteoarthritis more frequently because it does not cause inflammations
Like Rheumatoid arthritis; however, this ignorance can cause severe health damage.

But the increasing stress of life, ever growing pollution and time poverty does not permit
a single second of self-care. Therefore, as bath is included in our daily life; detox foot spa should also be made a part of our lives. The reason is simple and the reasons are many. One of the important reason is detox foot spa detoxifies our entire body and reinstates health. It also makes us look younger and increases energy by getting rid of toxins. You lose weight without injuring yourself by doing heavy exercises or without damaging your organs by taking in weight loss pills. Most significantly, a 5-10 min detox foot spa session can put a full stop to problematic diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, kidney troubles, heart diseases and even acne.

Detox foot spa is highly recommended for the patients of arthritis. Best remedy is the remedy that comes with neglible or no side effects. When you first recognize that you might be suffering from Osteoarthritis, you rush to your doctor for treatment. Otherwise, you try out some home remedies. If you go to your doctor for treatment the medicines he prescribes can be NSAIDS, OTC pain relievers, NSAID partners, Cox II inhibitors etc. But most of them have severe side-effects including serious implications like kidney or liver failure. Vioxx a Cox II inhibitor was removed from the market in 2004 due to it’s mal ability of causing a stroke.

There are other many OTC techniques or lifestyle remedies like practicing yoga, acupuncture, therapeutic massages, muscle relaxants, creams, salicyclates, physical therapies along with other such methods. But these methods either need long term dedication or offer a very short term relief.

However, as the principal of Ayurveda goes, we must attack the root and bring the body to balance for curing the disease. Therefore, to bring our body to balance we need to recharge the cells that are electrical in nature. Osteoarthritis is caused due to obesity, trauma, injuries, physical inactivity, excessive stress, hereditary factors etc.

Osteoarthritis can be cured using hot tubs. Pains and joint stiffness can be cured using heat pads or by wrapping the joints using warm towels. But this is again a temporary relief. However, due to the advancement in science and technology, detox foot spa has come up as a permanent relief for arthritis. A regular 10 minute session of detox foot spa reduces weight, joint pains, joint stiffness, increases mobility and gets rid of all harmful toxins, heavy metals, parasites, pains, bacteria and other impurities.

Detox foot spa has no side effects. It can be called your body’s best friend since along with arthritis it will save you from all kinds of obesity and impurity related diseases. Detox foot spa can get rid off heart diseases, acne, diabetes, arthritis and many other harmful health disorders. It is a one time investment that will give you a healthy and hearty life.


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