Should JK Rowling allow the characters in the Harry Potters series to become more romantically involved?

I think it is quite interesting to figure out whether the characters in Harry Potter should be more romantically involved or not. I think Harry and his friends are now grown ups so they can get romantically involved as it is quite natural. But while they get romantically involved it should be kept in mind that the readers and viewers of the Harry Potter books and movies are children aged between 3-17 years.

Yes, calling early and middle teenagers children will not be an exaggeration as they are minors.

Therefore, the romantic involvement of Harry and his friends should be shown with delicacy and with tenderness as well. Love fills life in our lives then why should not do the same with the most loved characters of a best selling book series? However, the romantic involvements of Harry Potter and the other important characters should be handled with utmost care.

Feelings and emotions should be prioritized rather than growing up mistakes. This makes a book more readable and a movie more viewable. It should be kept in mind that Harry Potter is not like any other magical book such as the Lord of the Rings. The characters in Harry Potter are someone with whom every school going kid identifies. There is no superficiality to the characters of Harry Potter, Hermoine or Ron Weasely.

They are all very natural without touch of artificiality. Therefore, while getting them romantically involved it is essential to keep the authenticity of characters. If Harry falls in and out of love easily then it will be mishandling his character and this will eventually create a negative image of Harry Potter. This is not advisable as Harry Potter is one of the most loved and adored characters of the children living all across the globe. Secondly, Harry is shown to be a highly sensitive and emotional child who has a lot of love to give. So, that element should come out in his romantic involvements.

Hermoine is a studious hard working girl who will fall for strong and powerful at the same time intelligent boy. Of course, she can also fall for a little less intelligent, uncertain but kind hearted person like Ron Weasely. Ron can obviously fall in love with the beautiful and smart as well as highly talented Hermoine. Love is a special and most beautiful gift given to the mankind. The soul mate concept if added to the Harry Potter series can only add to the popularity.

I think even Hagrid should get a soul mate of his own. Other romantic angles and love affairs, conspiracies and suspense can add thrill and more dazzle to the already dazzling "Harry Potter" book series.

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