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Ryder cup is a golf tournament played between professional men's teams of golfers from the USA and Europe. It is played every two years, and the competition is made up of a succession of singles, foursomes, and four balls played over three days.

The Ryder cup has been an authorized tournament since its inception in1927.The Ryder cup golf tournament has been named after Samuel Ryder, who donated the Ryder cup trophy in 1927. The Ryder cup match is played alternately in the USA and Europe. Ryder cup matches are held at the most esteemed golf courses in the world.

Ryder Cup is a worldwide sporting tournament, which makes Ryder cup golf tickets a necessity. Ryder cup tickets are as hard to get as any other prestigious sports event since prominent events like this obviously draw the interest of golf lovers universally.

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Don't neglect the opportunity to witness one of the most powerful golf tournaments of the season. Whether you want to spot your beloved player on the green or watch some of the most gifted golfers play, the Ryder cup matches have the whole lot you are wishing for.

There is no other option but being present and experiencing the magic of Ryder cup golf right in front of your eyes. Watching the finest golf played by the top golfers is a something which cannot be expressed in words, you must see the drive and the adventures live.

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