Ciao.Uk is a cool place to earn and make friends!

Ciao.UK was one of my first get paid to earn sites and I never thought that I would anytime earn the amount that I have earned by writing just 7 reviews. It is undoubtedly a legit site and that is what makes it more worthy and special. I love the premium fund since I benefited from it twice in a row.

However, the only problem that I am facing currently is that I am unable to cashout since, I don't live in UK nor do I have a bank account in UK. I think Ciao.UK must start an online payment method such as PayPal, Alertpay or Moneybookers for the international members.

Converting money into gift certificates will also be a good idea. Since, I believe Ciao to be a wonderful site and one of the few trusted sites. I feel they should make these small improvements. This will be highly satisfying for the international members who have very few good earning opportunities available for them.

But still I am not going to discontinue working on Ciao.UK as I love being a part of this legit website that knows how to honour it's writers.

I have established a bond with all those other users who have rated and/or viewed my reviews. This has helped me enhance my skills and has also given me an opportunity to learn from other skilled members.


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