Get Close to Mr.Darcy, the perfect soulmate of Elizabeth Bennet

Duty and Desire is the second book out of the three books written through the point of view of Mr. Darcy. All those who have loved Pride and Prejudice are surely aware that Mr.Darcy is the male counterpart of the eternal heroine, Elizabeth Bennet.

While Jane Austen narrates Elizabeth's point of view, the trilogy books written by Pamela Aidan narrate Fitzwilliam Darcy's point of view. The second book Duty and Desire takes place after Darcy has separated his friend Charles Bingley from Jane Bennet. Darcy returns to London quite relieved at the thought of not meeting Lizzy again. However, she is always on his mind.

He is seen suffering from slowly emerging strong feelings towards Elizabeth Bennet. Darcy tries to find a girl similar to Elizabeth Bennet in his own social circle. He meets the step-sister of Lord Sayre and gets attracted to her.

Lady Slyvanie is no less charming than Elizabeth Bennet but is not as clean at heart like Lizzy. Pamela Aidan makes Darcy get into unusual circumstances that are dark and full of suspense.

At the end of the entire suspense, Darcy is drawn once again towards his original love.

However, despite of the interesting detailed glimpse of Mr.Darcy's life and his love for his younger sister, Aidan loses the language and style of Austen.

Austen's understanding of the human nature and more worldly wise point of view is lost to a Gothic suspense. Secondly, it needs to be taken in mind that Darcy is not willing to accept his feelings for Lizzy before he meets her at Rosings Park.

You can call it a good read, especially if you missed Mr. Darcy throughout silent period of Pride and Prejudice.


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