Bomb Blast in Pune: Wake-up Chid and Get up Mr.Chavan

The controversy over the not so controversial film "My Name is Khan" had not ended when the new reason to blame each other has reached the door steps of Maharashtra. The on-going ego battle between the Shiv Sena and the state government resulted in deployment of the entire police force outside those theaters that were going to show MNIK.

An average mumbaikar is not even concerned about this controversy, but the political parties had no other issues  or rather preferred not to discuss any other issues than the release of a film.  Some politicians are of the opinion that Pakistanis are good neighbours (even after 26/11?). True, we need to build a strong Indian sub-continent but what about LeT and ISI?

SRK's unintentional and non-deliberate comments gave a reason for the political parties to show their power. Political parties got a deliberate reason to deliberate on non-issues. Whether they are the rulers or not, all political parties belong to the same gene pool.

Why weren't the Shiv Sainiks protesting against price hike or "Aman Ki Aasha" that annoying campaign that hopelessly hopes for peace with a hopeless and Hippocratic country? May be because their boss didn't find those issues "Media friendly" or rather that is not their look out.

Home minister Chidambaram had a good track record post 26/11 but unfortunately today's Pune Bomb blast broke it drastically. Mr.Chavan was busy displaying his power against the Shiv Sena. Who wins in the end?  Chief Minister Chavan or the Shiv Sena? Who cares? The people always lose in the end. Why weren't adequate steps taken to protect Pune when it has been spied by David Headley? Why aren't foreign tourists and Jews safe in this country anymore? What happened to Incredible India's incredible campaign "Atithi devo bhava" (guests are gods)?

What made the foreign ministry extend the hand of friendship towards that worthless nation? India is a mockery of democracy. When half of the population doesn't vote in the elections why are these people still ruling over the entire nation? Political parties have tried to recharge their political policy by following the age old British Policy(they have long forgotten it but Indians are great learners) of divide and rule. They divide people on the basis of religion, caste, language and now region. But nobody speaks about hanging Kasab or Afzal Guru. Nobody speaks about doing justice with the families of Shahids of all terrorist attacks that occured across the country. Nobody stands for the victims of these attacks. All political parties who allegedly side Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians unitedly don't pay any heed to the families of the shahids or victims of any terrorist attacks.

Bombs and bullets don't ask your religion, caste or community. Those who do it are not your and my friends. The division does not exist between you and me. Political parties create these rifts and it is high time that a united India stands against these power hungry scavengers!


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