How to Improve Your Page Rank and Traffic

Well, this may be the question lurking in the minds of all those internet business newbies. It lurked in my mind too, however, lot's of research and efforts went down in searching for solution. There are many ways to improve your page rank and traffic. But I have chosen to enlist those that have proved beneficial for my blogs.

So, take a good look at these good methods of inviting traffic and building links for your site. Quality links result in quality page rank.

1) Content is King: You must add all quality content that is relevant to your niche. First and foremost choose writing original good quality articles. In case, that is very time consuming for you then either hire someone or syndicate other's articles on your site. Make sure that these articles are engaging and supply the necessary keywords.

2) Install Meta tags: If your site doesn't have meta tags then it is not likely to be seen on the first pages of Google. You need to install meta tags that will help the spiders see your website. See the most popular tags for your site.

3) Post on Article Directories: Post your original and good quality articles on article directories. Don't forget to post the link to your website in the resource box. Here are two of my favourite article directories:


Both are PR6 websites, so if your website has a low PR then they can help you to go higher.

4) Posting on Forums: You can post your website's links on forums as "signatures" this will help in building good backlinks for your site. You can also place your website for review for inviting traffic to the site. Try to search for your niche specific forums to get more traffic. I would recommend starting with the following: 

Please don't spam the forum this will get you reported.

5) Posting on Social Bookmarking sites: This is my favorite part. I do a lot of social bookmarking. Social bookmarking has worked for me in a big way and would certainly recommend it to anyone who is keen to improve page rank. It brings good traffic as well. Below I have pasted the links of PR-8 to PR-7 social bookmarking sites. Joining and posting on these will give you the desired results!


On following these techniques you will surely get a higher page rank and increased level of On following these techniques you will surely get a higher page rank and increased level of traffic. As a word of precaution avoid posting links of "low" ranked sites if you wish to improve your page rank.


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