Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother- Review

- Pearson  Amelia

You can say that beauty is not skin deep, but your personality matters the most in the outside world. Even the prince charming of Cinderella fell for the gorgeous looking Cinderella who had been given a makeover by the fairy god mother. She became the princess of the magnificent castle. We all dream to be princesses but hardly find time to do our own makeover let alone getting a fairy godmother. Well, I did envy Cinderella at times because , I, too, work like her but no fairy god mother ever blessed me the way she blessed Cinderella. However, my strong faith in magic led me to is full of fairy godmother magic. You get free make-up tips, hair care tips, skin care tips and beauty tips. This site has a lot of valuable tips that helped me get a quick makeover in no time. Secondly, my damaged hair got a new life following totally free tips. Most of these tips need only kitchen contents; things that you can find easily and for free. I was amazed the way these tips worked for me and my friends.  Make-up tips are something that need to be told in a user-friendly manner. Since, I was a complete novice; these tips came out to be extremely handy.

There is also a QA section where you can place your individual questions and get answers from other registered members. Registration is free and there are no hidden “buy this” issues. can be called an “ideal hangout” for women of all ages.

You will find simple to complex make-up tips written in a simplified manner. You can say the same thing about haircare tips, skin care tips or beauty tips. Still, I wish to get bridal make-up tips for my cousin’s wedding. I hope such how-to article will be available soon on the website.


The design or layout was bubble gum pink earlier. Now it is red and has a glossy lipstick look. I like both the looks and more than that the contents. The website has a classy yet down to earth appeal. Any girl who loves make-up will love the design and layout of the site. So, I loved it too!

My Opinion:
Individually speaking, I will always recommend to anyone who loves to party, get decked up, wishes to look presentable or wishes to be a Model. This is your site, I love pink, I love Barbie, and so if taking good haircare, skin care, and beauty care is your greatest bobby or even if you are willing get little noticed than the rest then is your perfect destination.

My rating:


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