A Step Forward In The Cure Of Autism Courtesy Biotechnolgy

Biotechnology has opened new frontiers in various sectors. These days with the help of biotechnology we are able to produce food crops, generate electricity and also find out cure for various dreaded diseases.

The exceptional contribution of biotechnogy has led to research in various fields and on several inherited diseases such as autism.

The main cause of autism in human beings is the fragile x syndrome. However, due to immense research skills of the scientists at at MIT’s Picower institute for learning and memory a cure to the mental retardation and autism has been discovered.

The researchers have found out that a 50% decrease in the production of mGluR5 can lessen the signs of seizures and problems associated with the eye, nerves, brain, and memory and body growth.

This experiment was successfully performed on a mouse model. This experimentation reversed almost all ailments of fragile x syndromes in a mouse.The spectacular advancement can lead to a better future for those affected with this genetic disorder.

The research has opened a new doors of hope and optimism for all the children affected with autism and mental retardation .

The world of medicine and research has found a new direction with the advent of biotechnology


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