How to attract a Scorpio Man

- Rachel Mork

Want to learn how to attract a Scorpio man? If you believe you'd be compatible with a Scorpio, you may want to read upon what appeals to men of this sign to make sure you're sending the right signals. According to astrological science, the zodiac explains a great deal about who a person is and what that person desires.

If a man is born between October 23rd and November 22nd, he is considered a Scorpio. This is his sun sign. Don't be confused if you read up on Scorpios and don't see any resemblance to the description; you may be fooled by the characteristics displayed to you, which are determined by the man's ascendant sign. A man's ascendant sign is the sign that was rising in the east of his birthplace at the moment of his birth. If want proper astrology readings, you'll need to calculate both the sun sign and ascendant sign according to exact birth dates, birth times and birthplaces. A man's ascendant sign will be the sign he shows to the world, but his sun sign will be the sign that determines his essence and his inner life. The sun sign determines his most basic and primal desires and needs.

Understanding the Scorpio Man

When a Scorpio man gives you that penetrating stare for which Scorpios are famous, you will probably want to dive into that pool of passion or run in the other direction. A Scorpio man is not for the faint-hearted woman; his mysterious nature will either draw you into the chase or frighten you away. Don Juan was a Scorpio; many ruthless lovers are also Scorpios. The stereotypical Scorpio man is driven, passionate and unattached. He has a reputation for being a loner who tears through relationships, but the Scorpio man can be won over by the right woman.

Deep Waters

Scorpio is a water sign, meaning Scorpios feel things very deeply. A typical Scorpio man is distrustful and cautious about relationships because he cares so very deeply that he scares himself, causing him to put up smokescreens. He will usually engage in superficial but passionate and sometimes even violent relationships to protect himself from that frighteningly deep connection of which he is capable. You'll need to be able to withstand the passionate yet heartless assaults that may first characterize the relationship, showing yourself to be a trustworthy, strong, secure woman who can handle his passion and offer him a place to rest safely. You'll need to meet his depth, but hold your own.

Cynical Seekers

Scorpios believe that most things in life are too good to be true. They are realists, looking for proof before they trust or let anyone in. In order to win over a Scorpio, you'll have to prove to him that you are what he seeks: someone good-hearted, honest and without hurtful weaknesses that will trap him or betray him. He will need to see you are strong yet kind in your strength, so that a Scorpio man will be able to let you in and trust you will not use his own weaknesses against him. If you can be the solid kind of rock a Scorpio requires, you may find yourself in a relationship of astonishing depth and excitement.


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