How To Color Your Hair With Natural Products- Penelope Cruz Hair Makeover

Permanent hair dyes severely harm your hair as they affect the natural pigment of your hair. In permanent hair coloring the natural color pigments of the hair are irrevocably chemically changed for a considerably long period of time. Hair that has been dyed with permanent hair color may perhaps be more prone to knotting. The hair could become dry and rough and lose its natural shine and texture.

 That’s why it’s best to color your hair using natural products. Organic hair colors do not damage your hair as they are deprived of any synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or harsh oxidizing chemicals, such as ammonia. 

Some of the natural ways in which you can color your hair or cover up your grays are given below:

Chamomile tea and Lemon juice hair Dye
 Blend 1 cup of fresh lemon juice with 3 cups of Chamomile tea. You can increase the quantity respectively depending upon the length of your hair. Gently massage this mixture into your hair and leave it till it gets completely dry. Repeat the process few times in a week for best results.

Honey and Yoghurt Hair Dye

Combine 3/4 cup honey with 1 1/2 cups plain yogurt. Wet your hair and apply this mixture to it. Gently massage your hair. Thoroughly wash your hair after 8 hours.

Henna Hair Dye

Take good quality Henna powder based on the length of your hair Pour this powder in a copper vessel. To this mixture add sufficient quantity of tea. Cove this container with a plastic wrap and leave it to sit overnight.

Next day apply this mixture to your hair. Leave this mixture on your hair for 3 -4 hours. Wash your hair with water and then shampoo it.

Do not forget to condition your hair well as Henna tends to dry your hair.


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