Leo-Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility

Leo Scorpio sun signs are Fixed in nature, and have a secret desire to dominate. Well, at least with Scorpio it’s a secret desire; with the Lion, it’s more or less obvious unless the latter is a Leo who is submerging the natural Leonine ego, a very unhealthy thing to do. To casual observers of this pair it appears that Leo must eventually win control, the Lion or Lioness being so transparent about his or her goal as ruler of the relationship.

Compatibility of Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

Beauty with a Strong Mind: Scorpio Woman
The sexual relationship between a Leo and a female Scorpion can be somewhat intermittent. It can blow hot and cold, by turns. She finds his warm strength erotic, in a cozy, affectionate way. He finds her secret, silent intensity of passion a sensuous challenge to his impulsive romantic nature. With some mutual consideration, like a little more verbal expression from her, and a little more sensitive consideration from him, the yearning thy felt when they first met and loved will remain. But too many silences from her, too much arrogance from him, and the initial powerful chemistry between them may trickle into a mild, bored affection, with true mating occurring less and less frequently all the way to frigidity in her and impotence in him. The Scorpio woman already knows what every Leo man needs to learn that fulfilling sex does not initiate in the body’s fleeting urges. It begins in the mind and heart, then gradually grows into the kind of physical desire which results in emotional peace and contentment.

My Take on The Compatibility of Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

I believe what has been written in this article is extremely true. As an Astrologer, I've observed this behaviour from a Scorpio Woman and from a Leo Man as well. Scorpio resents Leo's extroversion, highly boastful and out-going nature. Leos love being the leaders in a party, Scorpio prefers quite surroundings and family. There is suffering; but the scorpio woman and leo man both find it difficult to break the chord. They separate many times, silently from a scorpio woman's part while arrogantly from a leo man's part. However, despite of the surfacial coldness, the heat and emotions remain in the depths of the heart. Scorpio hates the lion's need to control and dominate to the level of aggression. For a Scorpio woman, would do exactly the opposite of the expected if she is challenged.

My advice to both these lovers would be stop playing games and establish fluent communication to ease out pain. Although most astrologers don't agree, the lion and lady scorp form a long lasting pair. Scorpio reads the Lion like an open book and that bewilders him. She boldly pries his secrets on his face which his taken as sexy contempt by a Lion. Thus, he tries to establish his supremacy through bold aggression. A typical Scorpio loves it but resents it to show the lion that she cannot be "controlled". This is main cause of the friction that this red hot and violently emotional pair face. When pushed far a Scorpio Woman can go the extent of purposefully hurting the Lion's pride while the Lion can put his worst aggression to control this independent rebellious woman.

Nikita Gharat
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Compatibility of Leo Woman and Scorpio Man 

Scorpio man and  Leo woman really try, despite the obstacle of their squared 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, they can create a beautiful scene together. They have a lot going against them from the beginning, yet they do have their mutual free will going for them. Imagine a calm, clear lake in the moonlight, a thousand bright flames adrift on its surface shooting sparks of brilliant color toward the velvet midnight sky. To the Leo Fire Sign and Scorpio Water Sign, those floating logs can symbolize a mutual goal.




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