Editorial: Love a Divine Gift or a Devil's Curse?

It makes me wonder whether Love is a Divine Gift or a Devil's Curse? Tarot has two cards to define love in the major arcana first being the "Lovers" while the second being the "Devil". In the prior, you will see an angel blessing the couple in love. While the latter has two lovers tied by chains and the devil sitting between them.

The first one shows that love is a divine gift of god where there is sunshine and beauty. While, the other shows that love when turned to negativity is a chain or burden that ties two people. This makes the life of the two a hell. 

Today, I think about the cards and now I thought that the best way to analyze them would be by writing this article. Being a career-oriented person never made me delve into these two cards too seriously. They were almost non-existent and useless for me. I preferred a reading where the Emperor, The Empress or The Chariot, The Judgement and The World card would feature.  But lately, my readings have these two cards along with my other favorites as frequent visitors.  Well, I have the answer, it is because of love. Although, I feel it awkward to accept that I am in love. Suddenly, you feel the shift. Something that was so important to you has a another shareholder. You get caught between the duty and the voice of your heart. My dream of getting into the  media industry and starting my own firm was once that made me move mountains.

I love my career and never loved anything more than it. I left my childhood early and started with my writing chasing my dreams. Then came a moment in my life just a year back when I felt the "heat". A gap in my stomach an experience that was never felt before. It was like an earthquake, shaking me off from my usual self and exposing be to a unknown world. I had experienced a massive earthquake in 2001 on republic day. But that was a real one yet less effective. However, this one was huge something that hit my heart straight and pierced my soul out of my body. It was love and suddenly all Bollywood songs of romance became a reality for me.

Love does give one a lifted feeling. It drifts one away from the routines into a world of drunken emotions and happiness. The feeling of melting with the another like the Lovers card shows is indeed the most ecstatic and truthful. There is nothing more rewarding than loving that person, being there for the person and caring for the significant other. It is eternal bliss.

But what if one loves for one whole big moment and then both parties return to their lives? Hmmm... sounds unusual. Also, sounds a bit crazy. Yet, this elongated moment of about 15 minutes had a deep impact on my soul. He hit me like a comet and then disappeared in the big cosmic universe.

For,  almost a year, I sent him love through my heart and made predictions for him. Surprisingly, he acted, reacted and behaved on my lines. It seemed he was listening to my cosmic advise. His rise to success from a person of no identity made me feel much better about myself. After all, I had put my money on him.

I felt the need to be connected to him. Almost like a twin soul attached feeling of being chained "The Devil" card impact. There is no escape. Although, I am seeing the finest days of my existence with my writing company rising everyday. I still feel that I need him by my side. I cannot imagine letting him go of my mind.

I think for some people this might be an experience of crazy rather foolish unrequited love incidence. I cannot or do not wish to change their willful thoughts. Having said that, for those who wish to know the truth; everyone gets admirers in life. Some of them admire you for a longer time than the rest. Yet, their duration doesn't impress you. They want your love, other's forget about you or give up on you. My life is full of such people. Lately, had a tsunami of frustrated admirers who refuse to give up and so perhaps, find the grapes to be "sour". Again believers can believe rest can leave it. I am above average in looks and hence, have the option of being "choosy". I exercise it, honestly, to a huge extent. I go to the extent of being extremely critical and thus, get a lot of frustration in return. Despite of my visible pride and extreme prejudice (unknown was it to me) I feel for a guy who is neither the conventional good boy (of my dreams) nor the business oriented gentleman (repeat: of my dreams). All the more, he is not conventionally good looking (doesn't have Tom Cruise's chiseled features).

Still, he makes women weak in their knees. Even a slight news of him having a GF freaks them out. Perhaps, the answer is that he has a powerful magnetic personality and visible go-getter attitude. He looks like Hercules no exaggeration meant- PERIOD!

But before this Hercules had any idea that he would be termed as one and before the other girls became as crazy as they are today; I judged him. Yes, I am bragging! I can shout from the roof tops that I made a "excellent choice" by liking him!

Okay, bragging is over. Now, coming back to the point. I met this guy a year back.  Contd>>


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