How to deal with perfectionist tendencies

If you are happy with your life the way that it is then don't worry about trying to live up to any unrealistic expectations of anyone else. Love yourparent for who they are and try to focus on the positive parts of the relationship. If you have a friend who shows signs of being an out of balance perfectionist parent, pull them to the side and let them know your concerns in a gentle manner. Maybe your words of caution can help them to alter how they have been relating to their own child.

The Perfectionist Boss or Co-Worker

Have you ever worked for or with someone who never seemed pleased with your efforts or their own? Have you turned in reports and projects only to have them rejected for what seem like insignificant reasons? This can be very frustrating and create a stressful environment at work. There are some things that you can do to deal with perfectionist tendencies in your boss or co-workers.

The first and most important thing that you can do in this type of situation is to set clear boundaries for what you will and will not do. Set limits for yourself and the next time that your boss unjustifiably asks you to re-do something that you have been working on for weeks you will be more likely to stand up for yourself. A perfectionist boss or co-worker may be difficult to be around at times, but if you set your own personal goals then you will be better prepared to resist any unrealistic expectations that they have for you.

Yourself as the Perfectionist

What if you are the perfectionist that is driving everyone around you crazy with all your high expectations and refusal to accept anything less than the absolute best! Try to remember that the whole world does not operate on your particular principles and sometimes it is okay to relax. Being a perfectionist can serve to keep you in a highly stressed state because nothing you do or anyone else does ever seems to be good enough. Give yourself permission to be a little less than the best sometimes. Take a vacation from the difficult task of re-doing things over and over again until they finally arrive at a state that is acceptable to you. Try not to be overly critical of the people around you. Be willing to learn from others. There is nothing wrong with having a love of excellence. It is however, important to remain humble and realize that no one is perfect at everything. We all have our individual strengths and weaknesses and it really is okay! <PREV

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