Top 4 Indian Online Shopping Sites

So, friends you are looking to do online shopping, right? You might find good number of top US or UK online shopping websites but to find top 4 Indian Online Shopping sites can be quite a task. Believe me, it was the same for me. I have spent months searching for genuine Indian shopping sites online. I have been conned on several occasions as well. But I have posted a real and absolutely, 100 % unbiased review of top 4 Indian Online Shopping Websites. You will find many reviews online but unfortunately most of them are paid and hence, are dishonest. This review will definitely help you in making the right decision. Let's take a look at the websites that have achieved the top spot in my honest list of Indian shopping websites.


I was introduced to this site after I was conned by several others. It all happened through an accident. I was looking for "Olivepad" and I was searching for some genuine online websites after having a bad experience with Homeshop 18. Among those websites, that had this product was Thus, I decided to do a profound research on the reliability of this website. After doing a week old, thorough research I decided to order a book from them at first. The book was on astrology. You can find it below. The book came on time and it was sealed perfectly. The customer service sent me several messages on my email id and on my phone to keep the shipment in track. Then I ordered another book, the same story got repeated.  Then I decided to place a higher order that was of a digicam. I order fuji's 14 megapixel digital camera and the good part was that flipkart gave a discount of Rs.1000. I got a very useful and durable digicam for just Rs.4000. After this, I bought Olivepad that was worth Rs.15000, here, too, I got a discount of Rs.1000. Since then, I have been shopping from I also recently purchased my spice touchscreen mobile from their store. It works much better than my previous Samsung mobile that was bought from another site. Flipkart is no.1 in terms of trust, delivery, cost and durability.The best part of flipkart among other best parts is that it has a "Cash on Delivery" option. So, no fuss of credit cards. You can buy anything from healthcare, software, beauty, gadgets, cameras, books, computers, toys to games from For any Indian shopper, this website is highly recommended. So, just go for it!

2. Rediff Shopping: 

I love rediff shopping because it was my first online shopping website. I had purchased a small handycam of  Digigr8 company from this website. The best part of rediff shopping was that they had "cash on delivery" facility available at that time. So, we could first take the product and then pay. Their customer service was not as great as that of but it was good. I got my item in 7 days. It was worth it's price. I used it mainly to cover our family's ganpati festival. The shooting mode was VGA and the pics were decently clear for 3 megapixel camera. The cost was the highlighting point, it was worth just Rs.3000. How good is that? In those days when handycams didn't cost less than Rs.18000, it was a miracle to find such a cheap one. 

So, I never thought of searching for another online shopping site after visiting Rediff Shopping but things changed for me after when stopped the cash on delivery option. I don't believe in handing over the credit card details online. Unfortunately, that became the end of my relationship with Rediff shopping. However, I would still recommend the site as it is reliable and the products are genuine.


I shop from amazon to buy books and DVDs. E-books especially are my favorite so if you are lover of any these then you will find the best deals on amazon. The latest book that everyone is raving about is Fifty shades of grey by E L James so if you are book fan like me then you can do shopping from One more thing for book lovers is Kindle, you can get this amazing e-book reader to get all of your favorite books at almost half of their print price. So, getting Kindle from amazon is one time investment that is extremely beneficial for authors, or just crazy book lovers. 

4. Homeshop 18

Well, if you honestly ask me, I wouldn't recommend buying any product from this website. I had a very bad experience of buying a handycam of a company called indigo (i guess). In some months it suffered from a battery leakage and I got response from them only when I complained on a forum. That response too, was not very useful and the handycam still lies in my cupboard. But if you want to buy products of renowned companies then you can choose homeshop 18. They have the cash on delivery option. You also get the product on time. My personal rating would be 2/5. You can post your opinion below in the comments.

I hope you will find my list of top 4 Indian Online Shopping Sites to be very highly useful! So, long, enjoy shopping!


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Here i recommend for Online Shopping Review site before shop online

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