How to get your ex-girlfriend back

Getting back someone whom you love so dearly is definitely a dream come true. So, How to get your ex-girlfriend back ? Maybe it was a mere misunderstanding or something else that caused the separation. However, you can always try once to win her back. Let's take a look at what can get your ex-girlfriend back in your arms

Tip # 1

The 1st thing you can do is go back and give her a hug. Maybe she has been waiting for this since very long. It may melt her.  

Tip # 2
If not possible you can send her emails with beautiful pictures, or even a simple note. It will make her understand you really care for her though you are not in a relationship now. 

Tip # 3
Girls have a firm believe in the word integrity, so don’t start frequenting other girls as soon as you break up. She may have a bad impression on you and assume that you are a flirt. 

Tip # 4
Another point to remember is never forget her birthday. Every girl wants to be the centre of attraction and treated as a princess on their birthdays. 

Tip # 5
Uncertainity is another thing that should be avoided. Instead of assuming you with another woman when you are unavailable let her know what you were actually up to. 

Tip # 6
Call her now and then, if not possible keep in touch with her by texts and emails. You may also analyze her by listening attentively to what she says. 

Tip # 7
Do keep an eye on how she acts with other guys, if she stands up for you when they make fun of you, do understand that she has a feeling for you. 

Tip # 8
Be careful of not playing any sort of games with her, whatever it is you don’t want to mess her life at all. 

Remember despite of whoever has done the break up, try to take care of the things she complained. In the long run you may win her back or at least improve yourself for your own good.


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