How To Wash Your Hair

Most of the time women believe that they know the technique of washing the hair. Some women even believe that washing hair for just 5 minutes in 2-3 days is enough. However, you must know that the technique of washing your hair is directly proportional to the life of your hair. Therefore, you must be aware of the right techniques to wash your hair if you want them to be thick, strong and silky. The tips given below are simple to follow and are very less time consuming.

1. Comb your hair correctly: Before you get your hair under the shower; untangle all the possible knots present in your hair to avoid any breaking of hair in the bathroom. Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage therefore it is essential that the hair is combed properly before you get it washed.

2. Wet your hair correctly: Make your hair totally wet. Then take a good amount of shampoo on palms, lather it and starting with your roots go down towards the tips of your hair. In case, you have long hair then use more shampoo for the lower ends.

3. Lather and Massage: Once your hair is properly lathered, then give your scalp a gentle massage for about 1-2 minutes. Don’t get harsh on your head and scrub it as if you are washerwoman with piles of clothes to be cleaned.

4. Rinsing the Hair: Rinse your hair partially. Shampoo residues will get accumulated in some areas of your hair. Therefore, rinse your hair section by section.

5. Natural Drying: Don’t use blow dryer on your wet hair. Use the old technique of gently drying it using a soft towel.

Following the above tips assures lesser hair fall and breakage. They are hassle free and suit the busy lifestyle of today’s times.


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