Adrian Quine BritORA thinks Better Rules Needed for Courier Companies to manage Orders

A group which looks after online retailers says there is a problem with courier companies delivering items.
The British Online Retailing Association (BritORA) is calling for greater regulation of the parcel delivery industry.
It says the changes are needed because more people are buying products on the internet.
Figures from one retail group suggest around £78bn was spent online in 2012 with the market growing by 10% a year.
Adrian Quine from BritORA thinks better rules are needed.
He said: "When you buy something online you want to get that product as quickly as possible so obviously having reliable logistics is really critical.
"It's an area we need to address because a number of couriers have let online businesses down by not offering the best service they could.
"I would like to see a more reliable and robust system." Read full article HERE


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