Lilith: The Shadow of the Moon, Rebel, Witch, Home Wrecker or the Wise Warrior Woman ?

Lilith is not a planet. It is just a shadow of the moon or rather a point that tells you your dark side.

Well, this must be a one line text book definition. But this is not it is all about in astrology. Lilith can open up more secrets of success and happiness to you than another planet. W
hy am I emphasizing on this dark or bad shadow of moon?

Lilith Woman Angelina Jolie
Lilith for a man is the woman from whom he should stay away. She can push him off the edge. She will seduce him off his marriage or any other commitment. She is the opposite of Juno, moon or even Venus. She is the bad girl. But yet she is so enticing like a forbidden fruit for "The Man" or "The Macho" inside a man!

Now, am I praising the bad girl? No, I am just saying that Lilith maybe bad but she is not shallow. She may be a seductive witch but she is not a whore. Lilith steals a man by challenging his masculinity. She is not the one who will dance on his tunes to keep him. A glance of Lilith is more deadly than the dance of a regular stripper in the bar. Do you get it? Lilith was the first wife of Adam who revolted against being secondary to a Man. She wrote the first principle of feminism. She did not submit. She listened to her free will. She listened to her self-respect.

Lilith is predominant in the charts of those ladies who explore the taboo. Essentially, taboo does not always mean S-E-X. It means going against the rules set by a patriarchal society. Rules that mean women should submit either subtly or arrogantly. Lilith women put their foot down and follow their own will. Be it at home, at work or in the society. They do what is right may be not as per the rules.

The Queen of Jhansi who rebelled against the mighty but unjust Britishraj in India during 1857 was a Lilith woman. She didn't wreck up her marriage but she was not a typical queen who blindly followed the King. She was a warrior woman who sliced heads of 80 British soldiers at a time. You can say she had no need to be "violent" but she had no reason to submit either! She was a good queen for her people who still love and worship her. She might be bad for the British rulers, however, she is a woman of substance for the rest!

Therefore, for those who fear Lilith in their charts and during the transit, understand that you have the power to change. You might meet up with restrain but Lilith urges you to find new roads by not giving up.


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