Asteroid Karma Transiting Through Dark, Sexy Scorpio

Very few astrologers have written about this transit of asteroid karma (3811). Karma means getting what you deserved for your actions 3 times. The asteroid karma means results not actions. Actions have been done by you months or years back. This transit of the asteroid now will give you the results depending on your actions. This means the good will get the good 3 times, the bad might get the bad 3 times. However, all this will happen in the area of the darky, mysterious, tantric and sexy sign of the zodiac- Scorpio.

I have analyzed the effect of this transit of the asteroid 3811 karma. I have been personally hit by it and so have my other friends. Let's take a look at the good, bad and ugly of this transit through the houses and aspecting the planets.

Transiting  Asteroid 3811 Karma aspecting the Planets:

Karma conjuncting the Sun:

If you have sown your seeds in the field of glamour, acting, government, political arena; you will be getting the results now. You may get your lucky break or at least a news pertaining to it. Your father may also get lucky this time around. Look for scorpio in his chart as well.

Karma conjuncting the Moon:

If you have sown your seeds in emotions, real estate, homeland, nurturing, cooking then you will get the results 3 times. You will also get any money that was waiting. Look for your mother as she might bring some good news as well. Check Scorpio in her chart.

Karma conjunct Venus:

If you have sown your seeds in luxury, love, money, possessions, beauty, art, aesthetics, dance and property then you will get good news pertaining to it. Gods will begin to answer your prayers and will shower their material blessings on to you. If you are a woman then you might find a suitable love match with scorpionic qualities. For a man, he can get his love at this time.

Karma conjunct Mars:

If you have sown your seeds in military, sports, aggression, sexual drive, conquests or competition even fights then the results will start showing. Now, your neighbours, brothers also will benefit.


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