Chiron: The Wounded Healer, Painful Teacher and Lover for Life

This is my first post on the dwarf planet, Chiron, this is a much hyped dwarf planet thanks to MAGI astrology. I never actually paid heed to this one but since I have started going deeper and deeper into occult sciences, I had to. As per Magi astrology it is Chiron that is a love planet or the one that decides if you will marry or not.

Well, I don't fully agree with their definition. Chiron is one of the reasons why we may marry, while Juno can indicate our life long bonds which may not culminate into marriage. My own  research on marriages that have lasted for more than 10 years has shown that indeed Chiron connections work. But Chiron alone is not the one who can decide your marriage. It is the planet called "Saturn" that will show if you are bonding with the right person at the right time. Saturn is the heirophant and hermit in the major arcana that holds the keys to your love's paradise. He makes you suffer and wait to decide whether you are or not meant to be together. When, you have been tested, he grants you the "keys".  Other than Saturn, there are the nodes of the moon which bring in the past life and future connections into your life. Then the relatively underestimated "vertex" is the one that will actually show if or not your "destiny" will meet.  Last, but not the least, Eros meeting psyche the two love asteroids will always point out towards "soul-mates". Not to forget, without the meeting of the "angles" which are the AC, IC, DC and MC with planets or with the significant other's angles it is not fully possible to confirm if this union will last or not.

Now, that all the "marriage" astrology signifactors have been specified, we come back to our topic of discussion - Chiron.

My personal research tells me that Chiron is the reason why we would prefer marrying a person with whom we have our Chiron connections.

A chiron conjunct descendant, mars, jupiter, sun some of the aspects that I have seen in these synastries. I have also seen that chiron conjunct ascendant in synastry is very effective. Chiron is the pain and vulnerability. It is the pain that we want to get rid of. It is the pain that is felt by a baby who cries for everything not just for milk. Babies are sensitive and they can only cry. Chiron is our indolent baby. We need to nurse it but not pamper it. We need to heal it not conceal it. Concealment only grows the pain. Healing is opening the wound and getting it operated. But opening of the wound gives a life-threatening pain although it might just be imaginary.

So, when we fall in love with a planet person or with the angles, nodes of the other person. He or she is the healer for us. They are our doctors and they are there to rescue us while learning of their shortcomings themselves.

On the contrary, Juno is our commitment. It is our innate compulsion to bond with the person whom Juno finds to be our perfect partner. Our chiron may make us marry our doctor but juno will bond with our lover. We might open our pains in front of our doctor to heal them but will be glued to our lover. So, juno is our eternal lover while Chiron is our lover for life. Simply, because the planet/angle/node person will feel it necessary to play the doctor to the indolent baby while in the case of Juno they will stick out of compulsion because they find you to be "unforgettable".

Therefore, as per me the relationships that have a fair-deal of Juno- planet/angle/node connections as well as chiron- planet/angle/node connections have seemed to be perfect ones and long-lasting.

Angles Conjunct Chiron Synastry

Planet and angle connections to chiron in synastry can be exhausting for the angle/planet person.  For example, I have seen the chiron conjunct descendant synastry that brought a pain in the life of the DC person. This relationship involves the dc person had to heal the chiron from near death experience, (chiron in scorpio), through inheritance issues, debts and losses. The DC person opened the gateway of security, material possessions and family values along with growth to the Chiron person through the relationship. (chiron in dc opposes ac in taurus).

In the reverse case scenario, where the chiron conjuncts asc in synastry, the sheer meeting of these two can start the healing process of the chiron person. The asc person is the literal doctor here without even the awareness of the asc person. The chiron person finds his vulnerability being brought out on the surface. I have studied an example, in which the asc person found the chiron person to be extremely emotional, nurturing and wounded due to lack of "family and paternal love".

The chiron person who has pluto and sun conjunction in the first house never appears to be "vulnerable or nurturing" to anyone other than her (asc). On top of it, he has the conjunction in Scorpio so you can imagine the intensity.

But this guy is totally vulnerable whenever he meets her. She brings out his chiron in cancer that speaks about his vulnerability about "nurturing". He lacks the feeling of being nurtured since, his father passed away. The guy played tough and plays tough all the time falling on his house of capricorn or the 10th house where he is forced to play a career oriented guy . Upon meeting this girl, his vulnerabilities came  tumbling upon but due to a lot of distant planets they separated unofficially or without speaking a word.

He became more career oriented and directed his pain in his career making an extremely good career with public fame for himself.


Anonymous said…
Very interesting and informative article! I have my desc. conj his chiron, and his Juno conj my moon synastry, it is very painful for me to heal and got bruises myself. That is fate...
His Juno conjuncts your moon by how many degrees? Juno is commitment. This relationship can be painful to you.

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