Astrological Natal 5th House and 7th House: Know Your Most Romantic Mate and Life Partner!

Astrological 5th House in Scorpio: Love Passion and deep love that encourages your creativity and romantic nature. These are the all-consuming lovers who want to create "ultimate love stories" that include drama, emotions and legends. Anything less than deep, passionate and dramatic simply doesn't work for these lovers. Your lovers and affairs will be of the same kind. They will inspire your creativity, passion for sports and pamper your vanity to the extreme. However, a love of the Scorpio can be fatal and dangerous, like a passionate romantic novel.

However, it is essential to note that your house of romance doesn't guarantee your marriage. In fact, many times people say love stories are fake is because house of marriage is the 7th house and not the 5th. Unless, you have strong love planets and 5th and 7th rulers along with Venus and Saturn in harmony, love is good in books. This doesn't mean you will never find love. It means, you may not recognize it. Now, let's take the example, if you have 5th house in Scorpio and 7th house in Capricorn then? Let's check it out!

Astrological 7th House in Capricorn:  Marriage partner will be a family man/woman who is extremely undemonstrative about his/her solid inclination towards you. Expect a Capricorn person to earn wealth and earn a lot of it. But never expect him/her to brag about it or even flaunt it to say the least. The goat works all his/her life to climb mountains of enormous wealth and it struggles the entire life to make you learn the significance of each dime. Your entire lifespan may pass out while you gather this knowledge from a cranky, seemingly routine yet unpredictable man/woman. However, one thing you will never notice is that they leave you and your coming 7-10 generations with enough money to afford a luxury holiday each summer. This is the Cappy's way of demonstrating love for you and he/she might bug you with his/her OCD everyday but the love is like a diamond-forever!

But since, this article is about the difference between love and marriage, those who have fighting planets will find it very difficult to adjust to their marriage partners.

There will be an inner conflict to accept your husband as your ultimate romantic mate as the difference between the signs of 5th and 7th house will pull you apart. In case of harmonies, it is possible that you marry your most romantic partner who afterwards becomes your 7th house person. 

People whose Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars falls in your 5th house want a romantic puppy love from you. But whose Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars falls in your 7th house want to marry you. An ideal person can be who balances both houses, meaning someone who has his/her Sun/Moon in your 5th/7th  and Venus/Mars in your 5th/7th while sharing harmonious bonds with your Saturn and Jupiter. 


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