Juno and Apollo: Commitment and Worship in Astrology

I write about asteroids but only about those who seem to be relevant. I personally do not agree with the huge number of asteroids and their relevance in astrology. So, there are few as per observation that actually work. Juno and Apollo are two of them. Many people associate Juno with marriage. I believe marriage is not the word. The word is commitment. Juno represents the 7th house of relationships and contracts. It represents the zodiac sign of Libra of partnerships and contracts. It is a balancing asteroid. Juno in the zodiac sign of Libra is most comfortable and 7th house is the own house of this asteroid.

However, it doesn't become irrelevant in other houses or signs. Just like other planets and signs. People start assuming Juno represents marriage and start calculating synastry based on it. Actually, Juno only stands for commitment and partnership. It only strives for balance and harmony as it did in Greek mythology. Therefore, let's take a look at the combination of Juno and the house/signs.
Juno is also known as Hera

Juno in the first house or Aries will show commitment to self, looks, body, drive and ego. 

Juno in the second house or Taurus will show commitment to self-worth, financial security and wealth. 

Juno in the third house or Gemini will show commitment to siblings and writing, short-travel, communication. 

Juno in the fourth house or Cancer will show commitment to mother, family, home and emotions. 

Juno in the fifth house or Leo will show commitment to fame, stage, creativity, fun, children and grandeur. 

Juno in the sixth house or Virgo will show commitment to work, animals, environment, analysis and health, routine. 

Juno in the seventh house or Libra will show commitment to commitment, partnerships, marriage, contracts and peace-making, justice, equality and rights.

Juno in the eight house or Scorpio will show commitment to sex, occult, spying endeavors, psychology, parapsychology, accumulation of wealth, addictions, deep research, strategy, other people's money, deep psychological bonds and inheritance.

Juno in the ninth house or Sagittarius will show commitment to religion, travel, education, teaching, father, teacher, adventure and god.

Juno in the tenth house or Capricorn will show commitment to career, reputation, public position, building business, leadership, traditions and success.

Juno in the eleventh house or Aquarius will show commitment to a cause, team, innovations, activism and breaking the norms, rebellion, research, uniqueness.

Juno in the twelfth house or Pisces will show commitment to spirituality, higher-consciousness, psychic abilities, elderly people, humanity, universe, sacrifice, morals, ethics and charity, fantasy, imaginations along with the image of the "Ideal".

Juno doesn't show us the qualities of our spouse, it shows us the qualities that are our own and to which we feel "committed". Therefore, when we see these qualities in the other person, we have our commitment to that person. We seek companions who will share our "commitment" to our cause. Hence, Juno makes the ideal wife or partner to the person who vibrates on the same wavelength. For a man, Juno is the commitment he has for his cause and what he seeks from his wife. For a woman, Juno is the commitment that she has and what she would admire in her husband.  For example, a man with Juno in Pisces would be highly committed to the qualities mentioned above in the article and he would expect his wife to be his partner or support system. On the other hand, a woman with Juno in Pisces would admire a man who displays commitment to higher consciousness, humanity etc. and would be willing to support him in these endeavors.

In synastry, Juno conjunctions mean, commitment to the cause of the planet and house. For example, if Juno conjuncts Venus in the fourth, then the Juno person will show relentless commitment to the Venus persons dream of building a luxurious "Venusian Home". Juno doesn't get along with Mars, partnership against self issues. In case, of other planets consider their qualities coming on the floor along with the house and sign.

A composite Juno represents real partnership and commitment. Therefore, it should be ideally in 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 11th house. The 1st, 3rd, 8th and 12th are not recommended.  The couple with Juno in the first is more focused on their own-selves than the partnership.

Apollo- The Sun God of The Greeks

Apollo means the light or the pure. In Greek mythology, Apollo is the son of Jupiter or Zeus. He has a very dark side where his prophecies and wrath come true and a bright side which shows his love for music. Coming to astrology, my observation has shown people with Apollo in the first house tend to be good looking with a bright aura. They also possess talent of poetry, music, dancing and acting. Apollo gives refinement, class, dignity and intelligence along with talents. But he also gives a lot of pride and to some extent vanity. People with a first house Apollo like to obeyed. They are often head-turners and look like a royalty.
The Charming and Powerful Apollo

Apollo in the fourth or conjunct IC or in the sign of Cancer are the star of the family, homeland, mother, maternal family or rule the real-estate business. They can be local musicians, actors who are famous in their homeland.

Apollo in the Seventh, conjunct Desc, or in the sign of Libra are the popular heartthrob or babe. These people are the experts of romance and charm any individual they want. Besides, this they are lucky in relationships and attract partners with the star quality.

Apollo in the 10th, conjunct MC, or in the sign of Capricorn are the popular stars or leaders. They either have many academy awards or Golden globes to their credit or will run the best music, film company in the world. If not today, then with sensible aspects to Apollo they will get there. These people are thoroughly professional and build professional empires. An example would be Walt Disney.

Apollo in the second house/taurus means talents used for getting money and security. These people are artists for money and gain reputation for being "wealthy artists".

Apollo in the third house/gemini is quite comfortable, such people become "eminent poets". They are famous bloggers who blog mostly about music, theater and other performing arts. They are famous lyrics writers as well.

Apollo in the fifth house/Leo is one of the best placements if you are looking for a career in acting and music. This Apollo sets stage on fire through a legendary performance. People born with this placement have the flair, flamboyance, pompousness and absolute drama plus vanity. They are famous and a royalty with no doubt.

Apollo in the sixth house/virgo is the uncomfortable Apollo. In this house, the royalty is more charitable, works with the people and sings in the office. These are bathroom singers, office poets and writers. They work as singers, poets and writers for charity organizations. Their work is for the needy.  Apollo is not exactly happy here.

Apollo in the eight house/scorpiohe intense singer, poet and writer. People with these placements rise to fame through their passionate singing, poems and writing. This Apollo also displays the negative side which is of terror, death and evil prophecies.

Apollo in the ninth/Sagittarius is the one who sings devotional songs. He composes poems and writes books related to God and religion. He travels to understand foreign culture, literature and religions. He shines in foreign lands and becomes a known writer or philosopher.

Apollo in the eleventh/Aquarius is the one who is unconventional singer, sportsman, actor or writer who creates his own empire. He is bohemian, hippie or the initiator of a rebellious movement who inspires people through his works.

Apollo in the 12th/pisces is the artist who never takes money. He is the one who looks divine and runs charitable organization. He sings, acts, writes solely for the purpose of helping the old and needy. He shines with divine wisdom, connecting to the other world. 


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