How to Know If Your Scorpio Man Is Serious About You?

Most people come to my blog asking about the traits of a Scorpio man in love. I am writing a book on Scorpio man love, lust and obsession to give a better insight. Actually, the mystery is the reason why Scorpio men can be so hard to understand. It is the 8th sign symbolizing the underworld and not the one that we can see. Therefore, Scorpio is dark and hidden. It can be confusing to know a Scorpio and further confusing to know his feelings. 

Like all men, there is a chance of getting your time wasted with a Scorpio too. But it can be more painful with him. In case of Libra man, it can be frustrating. However, Scorpios always inflict a very deep wound that lasts longer sometimes even for your next births. If you cheated on him you will crave for his love when things seem to get lame with other "lukewarm" lovers. He will never return. 

Losing opportunity with a Scorpio man is a loss of a lifetime especially if he was the one. Yes, the pain and loss will feel immense. It will be equally painful if he has taken you for a ride. Like a tornado, he will leave you destroyed. 

So, here are some a snippet from my forthcoming book about knowing if your Scorpio man is serious about you or not. 

Initial Phase:

When he realizes that he is love, the first thing he would want to do it is chase you away. No, it may sound funny but the force will be so strong that you will want to run for life. 

Reason: Scorpio man knows that a lightning has struck him and so he has to take control by teaching the lightning a lesson. Okay, you should know, he is almost "invincible" and anything that threatens that thought should be destroyed immediately. 

Middle Phase:

After he has been assured by his own soul that the lightning is for a harmless purpose, he will begin to relax. This will be the time when in his heart, he starts seeing his future with you. But don't expect the declaration. Try to stay away from the temptation of making him declare his feelings. Play it cool. You will get drunk dialing, drunk declarations or even sometimes casual curious questions. Then it will all be, "Okay, I never said such things". He will hint you sometimes. Show you the picture of his family members, pets and share some memories with you. Again, he will keep his distance. 

Reason: He has yet to recover from the stroke of the lightning. He has to accept his feelings. He is checking the surface. He is checking if his investment of "deep feelings" will get the desired response or not.

Now, I am not revealing the final phase, most Scorpio men will hate me for revealing too much information about them. So, I will take it slowly. You must also take it slow as a woman in love with a Scorpio. One big hint: The two phases are not necessarily chronological. They can simultaneous and to and fro. But in all these phases, the stare that says "I was hit by the bus big time" will be a common factor. Look out for it!


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