Going Through Pluto Conjunct Descendant Transit? Watch this Video!

Many of my clients who come for consultation to me are sick of this transit. They hate Pluto on their descendant. They simply want to pass through it without the gut-wrenching process this planet of transformation puts them through. Of course the stakes are high, but Pluto transiting through your 7th house especially now being in Capricorn is for strengthening you. He means you open yourself to universal energy, allow free flow of your best abilities and let the Karma do the rest. Reiki is the energy of Pluto known as Lord Shiva or Mahadev in India.  Reiki is the universal energy endless which cannot be phantomed. It is neither born nor can die. It is that energy that resides in the 7 chakras of your body and connects you to the universe. For many this may not seem connected to the transit. How is a planet actually god? What exactly is this? I have reason to connect Pluto to Lord Shiva and Reiki. A few years ago, I was going through a different type of Pluto transit. I am a considerable plutonian and water person. When the transit hit the iceberg and the ship started to sink, I saw a blue male figure in a broken temple with long hair. This male figure had at least 7-8 layers of white aura which seemed to pleasant to my tired eyes. He asked me through a light gesture to come inside the inner part of the temple which is called the "gabhara". He took my hand in his and moved his hand 7-8 times over it. I woke up feeling healthy and rejuvenated in the morning. It was a dream but I was healed. The bottom line- LET YOURSELF GET HEALED, OPEN YOURSELF AND KARMA WILL OPEN CHANNELS FOR HAPPINESS, SUCCESS AND WELL-BEING! Check out this video, and leave your comments.


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nxs said…
How do I get my horoscope read by you?


Hey, thank you for your interest.

Kindly drop a message at https://www.facebook.com/ScorpioManLoveLustObsession/ and like the page. You can also become a member of this site- it's FREE!
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OK I joined this site Now what do I do?


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