Finding Juliet By Toffee: Review , Rating and More!

The story of Shrishti Publishers Finding Juliet By Toffee is about  Arjun- the Romeo in wonderland. He roams across the wonderland to find his Juliet. He gets tips from his friends and support too. However, he is not able to convert the comfort that girls feel with him into love. Therefore, is heart is broken not once, not twice but many times. At the end, you really feel sad for Arjun, but he is a winner and so it all ends happily.

The Highs:

The plot of Finding Juliet is pretty good. The concept is fresh although not entirely but is relieving. It breaks the mundane and introduce a new outlook to everyday life or love. Arjun is a nerd and he is well-created by the author. The author takes the reader quite convincingly through his protagonist's journey of love and life. His adventures make you happy, sad and sometimes even make you angry with him. The desperate struggle of Arjun to find love makes you feel sorry for him. However, his follies also make you laugh. The language used by Toffee is the biggest scoring point. 

The language is contemporary, modern and unadulterated. It is everyday campus language which goes well with target audience, youth aged in the 20s. It is also a book for those who are taking a look back at their college days. Arjun is a simple boy with simple needs and he is probably in every man who is of his age or has gone through that age. For me as a girl, I feel that I may have come across Arjun in real life at least once and may have hurt him accidentally. Hence, the author wins in creating a character with real flesh and blood even as he has some supernatural endurance in love. 

The Lows:

The book is catchy and good to read. However, the characters of girls and other boys are not sharply defined. They are left to the imagination of the reader. It is hard to understand why Arjun gets rejected every time. There are incidents which leave the reader completely clueless. The girls seem to be in love and they talk such stuff as well. But suddenly they are not. 

It is good book to read while travelling or when on vacation. Read it for refreshment with a cup of coffee!

Rating 4/5


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