Psyche, Lust and Karma: Pure Love, Pure Lust and Pure Destiny Asteroids

asteroid lust conjunct karma, saturn, nn can be marriage aspects
asteroid karma conjunct saturn, lust, nn can be marriage aspects

Asteroid Psyche is the higher moon. She is in love with the planet person and understand his highest hidden self.

Psyche is about spiritual or innermost connection where you know the person's deepest cores. In synastry when you feel conjunction's they are almost usually spiritual in nature from the Psyche person's point of view. In fact, Psyche person can know the planet person's deepest secrets and it can be unnerving to the planet person. In your case, it can be about knowing what "works with him or what does not", may be you can even predict his move. However, I can say for you it will be profound because his Sun/Chiron mp also conjuncts your Psyche or your Psyche conjuncts his Chiron which is his Sun.  Chiron is spiritual connection and insights. He is the wounded healer. 


Anonymous said…
Is this in general. ..u have my chart..I need a new solar return your skype..I messaged u a week or 2 ago..Rose
Yes, Rose Dear

I have to talk to you...

Lots a love

Anonymous said…
HI! I could not find a good answer in relation to Eros square Pshyque in synastry, could you help me please? Thank you very much!!
Sorry I saw this comment today. Eros is the deep body and Psyche is the higher soul. When Eros hits a personal planet, we can't get that person off our minds. We seek merger. When Psyche hits a planet in synastry then it is about knowing how that person uses that planet energy. For example, when Psyche conjuncts mars then you know what drives that person.

When Eros and Psyche is square in synastry, it shows a difficult love affair that must overcome a karmic baggage before they can come together. There are people opposing this match, there is usually a third person involved creating a block or square. The attraction is very strong but it is never easy as in the case of a conjunction or a trine. Also, look for Eros and Psyche in composite and progressed composite. You may also need to check natal Eros and Psyche aspects and aspects to the composite.

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