Columbia University Creates 3D Food Printer

I was a big fan of “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory”  and loved the fact that Willy Wonka could eat the cup after he drank tea from it. I also loved the first idea (possibly) of 3D printing small chocolates from a giant bar of chocolate. Well, till sometime back it was imagination. But now it is a reality. A research team at Columbia University has created a 3D printer that can print snacks and pastries. We have heard of basic snacks getting created such as simple pizzas and sugar sculptures but this one has gone steps further.

Future of 3D Food Printers

With this new experiment achieving successful results, there is a possibility that coming generation of 3D printers will be “ automatic chefs”.  There is a bright chance that just like basic pizzas, in the future we will be seeing gourmet 3D printed dishes. Just to add to imagination, 3D printed cakes, ice-creams, lasagna, ricotta and even more complicated dishes will be a possibility. Perhaps, innovation of new recipes cannot be ruled out. Also, 3D printing of food will leave very less room for “human error” and can get you branded food taste at your own home.

For now, this new 3D food printer which has been in the making from the past one year, may be able to combine gels and powders, cook and work with liquid ingredients. But this may be too much of an imagination right now.  

The Columbia University research team created the printer in Hod Lipson’s (roboticist) lab. Lipson said that food printers may not be able to take place of traditional cooking as they cannot take care of our entire nutritional needs. He further added that they are not equipped to cook everything that we must eat. Still, they can produce amazing range of  well-tailored nutritional food using digital recipes and transforming basic ingredients provided in frozen cartridges into healthy dishes.

The Highlights of Columbia University 3D Food Printer:

  • The printer arm can easily accommodate 8 frozen cartridges.
  • Heating element to be added by the end of this year to cook food on required temperatures.

So, the new food revolutions is about to begin!


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