How to Dress Up Like Miranda Kerr

The trend of the day is Miranda Kerr, she is a supermodel and just as superstylish. Miranda is beautiful and bold both to suit her style. Young girls of today have started admiring this hot new diva on the block. So, I have decided to give you an idea about what makes Miranda today’s beauty and fashion icon. Let’s get into her closet and find out how to dress-up like the Superhot Miranda Kerr!

1. Keep it Simply Stylish:

Miranda dresses up in a simple yet stylish manner when she is going out on the streets. If you want to get her style then wear your patterned trousers along with simple sleevless black top. A simple red lipstick with black glares and you are ready to be Miranda on the streets.

2. Look Classy yet Down-to-earth:

The supermodel does not dress up like one. She dresses up like any cool n hip teenager or fashion conscious individual should. Therefore, her style can be easily copied, you don’t have to strain your pocket just live the style. So, without beating more around the bush, you can wear formal top with a pair of jeans or stylish skirt. You can also wear formal trousers or skirts with a polka dotted top or casual tank top or even a printed top. Accessorize the look with a stylish bag and black glares. This will make you look like Miranda, classy but approachable.

3. Go Patterned or Unicolored in a Party:

The fashion style of this beautiful diva is very simple. When it’s party catch the theme. Miranda will be seen taking the color of the event.


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