Entrepreneur: Here's Why You Aren't Earning Enough

You decided to become an entrepreneur, however, your habits may be still middle class. This is perhaps, the first reason why you may not be having enough earnings. Most small business owners wonder, the causes about still making a little or negligible financial gain. A lot of times, they never quit their 9 to 5 jobs to remain secure. Guess what, they always remain insecure because they live a hamster’s life. It is not a cruel joke. I have been a hamster myself, till the time I decided to call it quits. It is a true saying that you cannot be a millionaire in a day. But you can create a time plan to hit that day sooner than later. So, how can it be done? It is easy, you just have to eliminate the reasons that hold you back from that day. Don’t worry, I am here to help. Take a look at the top reasons why you are not earning big money.

I love my family syndrome:

Yes, it is not a syndrome proven by science. But it is a syndrome, that works negatively for most entrepreneurs. Again, I am not asking you to hate your families and quit your responsibilities. However, it is convenient to keep a distance from them. The rags to riches stories of successful entrepreneurs usually speak about the difficulties they faced when they spoke about their ambitions to their families. It is not the fault of the family members because they are afraid of even dreaming of being rich. On the contrary, you have the brain and the drive to move ahead. If anything can put brakes on your ride then it may be your family’s hesitant attitude. Therefore, instead of wasting your energy in making them understand, prove your worth to them.

Don’t be satisfied:

There was a monk who sold the ferrari. It was a best-selling book. Still, it would be interesting to know, that you are not a monk. So, if you get a ferrari, make a collection! You should resist being satisfied. Feeling competitive is a healthy thing. If you stay awake at nights because you want to be a millionaire, you are on the right path. Satisfaction is for monks and not for entrepreneurs. I have seen my friends thanking god for all they have. They look outside at the poor and the unfortunate to feel good about themselves. They forget to look up. When their monthly budget falls apart they crib about money management. A sudden calamity takes away their windfall and they blame the luck. However, at the end of the day, they remain satisfied. But the moment they pass by a plush locality, high-end car showroom or anything filthily luxurious even they curse the circumstances. I tell them that underneath their facade of satisfaction, lies a highly unsatisfied soul. Some listen to me, the rest resent me.

Eliminate the above attitudes:

Shun them! Delete them! Irrespective of the pain and morality soul searching it takes, let go. Remember, if you are like the way you are, then you are best that way. Good and bad are just perceptions. Ultimately, if having a luxe life and million dollars in your banks is your definition of happiness, then so be it!


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