Life is Good with LG Signature series, isn’t it

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LG Signature Series

Which is the brand  that combines functionality and style ? D’ y'all know ? Of course LG.Recently, he brand has released as a new Signature edition just in time at the beginning of the new year. Ok, so maybe it’s not all  that  cheap which would have actually been even more amazing, but I’ll take  the LG SIGNATURE appliances any day.

Something which  I have not really spoken about is the significance  of investing in appliances  that  have the latest  technology. So when we actually do need something, like a refrigerator, do we go and purchase the low priced refrigerator  that’s inefficient or do we consider, investing  in a powerful, well equipped fridge  that is engineered to surpass our  expectations, help protect our  foods natural quality and last for a long time? LG has come  up with this Signature series which used the advanced technology for making high quality washing machine, refrigerator , OLED TV , Air purifier.
I recently had an opportunity to attend the LG Signature Appliances launch at  St. Regis , Worli. I was amazed with the excellent quality and contemporary design of the appliances. I really look forward to purchasing them , soon.
Life is Good with LG Signature series, isn’t it ? In the images  below you see why I  completely fell in love with the LG Signature Series.  It was such a fabulous  launch and my  look was perfect for the event.


LG Signature Series  Nikita Gharat

LG Signature Series  OLED TV

LG Signature Series  Refrigerator

LG Signature Series
LG Signature Series


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