Triaction By Triumph : A Step Ahead In Fitness Attire

Nikita Gharat Triaction Sports Bra

Hello my Sweet Loves,

As we all know “Health is wealth” , I strongly believe not only in this phrase but also in “Prevention is better than cure” . That is why I focus both on fitness and fitness essential . For me exercising is very significant but also along with it is equally important to wear a right and comfy attire.

Since , I am a big fashion aficionado, I also like to wear a stylish, comfy and proper gym outfit.SO, obviously when I attended the Triumph fest at Fitness First Gym in Mega Mall, Oshiwara. I fell in love with their sports Bra Collection

I believe that it is our duty to determine what makes us  feel comfortable and define our own style statement . Finding out the right exercise routine and proper attire will be  reason big enough to keep going and attain your fitness goals. Sharing it with the world is the way to  help others like you attain their goal. Because many of us are scared and full of doubt  to open certain doors let out the fear  within ourselves. But how can you truly know yourself if you don’t explore every room and corner within yourself ? It’s saying no to attires and gym routines  if  you disagree with, it’s all about believing in yourself and doing what is right for you.

That is why I believe in letting my actions speak for themselves,  I always recommend those clothings which I have  worn. So, I am telling you in 2018 be your own self and pursue your dream fitness goals fearlessly adorning the Triaction bras for super comfort  and better tissue protection.

Let’s make it Happen!


Nikita Gharat Triaction  by Triumph Fitness session
Nikita Gharat Fitness Regime Fitness First Mega Mall
Nikita Gharat Fitness Regime Fitness First Mega Mall
Nikita Gharat Fitness Regime Fitness First Mega Mall
Triaction sports bra by Triumph


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