Peshwa Sadashivrao Bhausaheb and Parvatibai: Pluto Soulmates Valentines Special

Hey guyz,

It's Valentines Week  and it is time for an eternal love story. So, this year's valentines couple is the 18th century soulmates of the Maratha empire, Peshwa Sadashivrao Bhausaheb and Parvatibai.  Much like the eternal soulmates Lord Shiva and Parvati (Pluto and Persephone of the west), these two are also Pluto soulmates. Born in the Sun sign of Leo Bhausaheb was a fierce warrior and shrewd diplomat with loyalty being his second name. His soulmate Parvatibai was an Aries Sun, warrior queen and expert debater with loyalty being her second name too. They were the most envied couple and talk of the town due to their extreme compatibility. However, the loving bliss had not been achieved easily for Parvatibai, it had taken years of wait and pure soulful dedication to get her Sadashiv . Pluto never makes it easy and death is always involved either metaphorically or actually. These plutonian soulmates met and learned that their Eros and Psyche were in perfect sync. However, Pluto's love is not for the lighthearted, mundane and easy going people. It throws you in the deep waters of trials and tribulations, death and rebirth, destruction and transformation. It's the love story that doesn't end with "till death do us apart" but rather the one that continues to be a legend of true love and loyalty even after that! 
                                Parvatibai and Peshwa Sadashivrao Bhausaheb
I will give more details of this eternal love story of a beautiful queen and her brave handsome king in the update. Just to tell my readers, that if you are part of a Pluto love story forget about lighthearted and candyfloss romance. It doesn't mean it will be all pain and no gain, you will have your truly madly and deeply blissful moments. Still, they will have tales and sagas associated with them.

I leave you with the lyrics of this famous Bollywood song,

"Silsila Yeh Chaahat Kaa , Na Maine Bujh Ne Diya,
  (The saga of this love, I've not let it get extinguished)
O piya, yeh diya, naa bujha hain, naa bujhe gaa;
(Oh my love, this flame of love has not extinguished, will not extinguish)
Meri Chaahat Kaa Diya,
(The flame of my love for you)
Mere Piya, ab aaja re Mere Piya"
(Oh my love, please come back my love)


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