Pluto, Neptune and Chiron Transit: The Past Finds You Back

Most of my readers are extremely interested in my Pluto transiting the descendant article. Perhaps, that is the most deciding point in anyone's life. The time when your personality takes a complete makeover. When you change from yourself to a person that you feel is a complete stranger. At least that person is what you are or were not in the beginning. In a sense, Pluto brings out the shadow side out and turns you upside down. He kills you and then rebuilds you into a new person making you a magnet for all that karmic stuff that you read or watched but never believed in.
Pluto and his three headed dog

He is the dark hero of the gods, the most powerful having the kundalini or nuclear force at his command that can enlighten a cosmos or destroy it.

However, water is another powerful force on this earth and hence, Neptune is the god that rules the most powerful element. When the cosmos was created life began in water. Therefore, as we call it, our ancestors were unicellular aquatic beings. Perhaps, water stores our past, our origin and our identity or many of them. It has our secrets hidden under the many depths and what appear to be illusions. Neptune is often accused of being "deceptive". Pisceans are condemned by many fore-running astrologers to be illusionists, delusional sometimes even "ga-ga" due to their spiritual inclination.

Any relationship that is apparently "plagued" with Neptune goes directly into deceptive or not possible category even without much consideration. A natal chart that is also plagued with Neptune aspects can be categorized easily to be that of an artist with a very soft heart who has less action oriented tendencies. This person can also be declared as a clairvoyant or a medium.

The real thing is that Neptune is not that bad, in fact, it is someone that introduces you to your past. By past, I mean your Past life or lives. Any pain or angst that you experience in this life is rooted to your past. The innate traits that you bring to this world are from your past. You are born before your birth and you will be born after it to. When Neptune and Pluto come together they tell you the story of your past to help you secure your future.

Chiron transit is the one that brings back past life memories on the shore. Most people think that Chiron is a painful healer. The wounded centaur that heals from his wounds. When Chiron conjuncts your personal planets you experience pain relating to what that planet represents. For example, when transiting chiron conjuncts your Sun then you might have to take care of your father. It might become a very painful phase.  This pain is to remind you of the past life pain that might have been of similar nature. Chiron says, "By going back into your past, you can learn in your present the way to create your future"

Chiron with Achilles
Understand when three planets that control time which is not unidirectional, if we were to believe a deep concept from the Vedas come together we might  meet those who were ours in the past. Right here, in the present as we move forward towards the future.

It can be anybody. Parents, lovers and even enemies- they are ours too! There is no heaven and hell, souls do have a gender and love or any other emotions don't change after death. The soul chooses his or her journey where it wants to belong.

Sometimes even the most powerful good souls don't leave , they are there where they were! Just waiting for their beloved to come back and meet them in life one more time!

This reminds be of a famous song featuring the showman of Bollywood, Raj Kapoor, "Jeena Yahan  Marna Yahan Iske Siva Jaana Kahaan? Jee Chahe Jab Humko Awaaz Do Hum Hain Wahi Hum The Jaahan!"

Meaning, "I will live here, die here, where to go other than here? Call me when you feel like calling me, I am here where I was always!"

So. if you are currently under the transit of these celestial bodies, wait to go back to the past and welcome the future.


Carlie said…
Wow, I just read this now and was absolutely flashed. I had a real meeting with the past in feburary, where a lot of stuff came up and got cleared. To read this now, was absolutely stunning. I mean, I kind of believe in horoscopes, I often read my horoscope on and it fits to my situations so good most of the times. But to read, that one of the most important situations of my life was guided by the stars, is something really special. :)
and you made this comment on April 8th! Number 8 represents pluto, death, rebirth and infinity!!

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