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Eastern world is full of innovative beauty techniques  as well as ancient  beauty therapies. We in India have always looked up to AYURVEDA,for powerful and effective skin rejuvenating techniques.Like Indians,Koreans , too, give full priority to beauty. No wonder, Korean  women have flawless skin. So, what is the Korean secret to impeccable and youthful skin?

Desembre by beauty.one Nikita Gharat

Is it the rice mask which most Korean women apply to their skin to halt the process of ageing ? Or charcoal masks? What is the  hidden secret? Let' s find out

Beauty.one has come up with Desembre  beauty products. This Korean skin care range of beauty treatment products aim at improving your skin from within and eliminating impurities from your skin. Not only that , they also focus on giving you a youthful skin and eradicating wrinkles.

Here is a look at some of their therapies
VLine Magic Therapy

This beauty therapy works magically . I have witnessed it myself in front of me. The science behind the therapy aims at  improving the much needed circulation below the skin.It focuses on boosting the elasticity of the skin.

The pictures below will prove it

After the treatment

Desembre V line Treatment

Next is Luxury Gold Therapy

Gold has always been a part of beauty treatments right from ancient age. Gold has been used by Royalties as part of their beauty routine.With this in mind Desembre  has come up with Luxury Gold  Therapy Mechanism

This therapy detoxifies the skin and also prevents the sagging of the skin.It lifts and Boost the firmness of the skin.

Desembre Luxury Gold Treatment

Not only these there are many range of skin and beauty products that are aimed at improving the beauty and skin , They are focused to take the beauty treatment to the next level.

Holistic Crystalling Peel

Oxyjet Elixir treatment and other treatments



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