Different Ways to Wear The Same Dress

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Hey Loves,

Every fashionista perfectly knows that the real challenge comes in planning out the Purffect outfit for an event whether a party or a brunch.Take your cue, I am going to tell you how to repeat an outfit without looking repetitive! 

I fully understand none of us like to wear the same dress again, but sometimes you are compelled to do so. Like for example if you have to attend the two events in the same day. But what about Versatility?

So, I decided to put some creativity and style my dress in such a way , that I can wear the same dress twice for two different events. My styling strategy is simple, either pair an outfit with a nice leggings or a jacket. But this time I decided to differ and use a Black Formal Shirt intead......

For the first event I decided to pair my dress with a black full sleeves shirt , you can see it below.

Dress style

Overall , I would say that a Black Shirt is a definite must have in your wardrobe. Mainly, because of the styling and restyling alternatives it gives. Isn't this look  cool  and easy wear and  yet enough to make a fashion statement.

The second look is the  magical dress itself !

Dipty Gharat

Dipty Gharat

So, what about you guys ? what is your different style of dressing up the same dress?

Do lemme  know below


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