FAASOS Best Online Delivery Outlet for Wraps


I think this is one of the best delivery outlet if you are a fast food lover. Yesterday ,evening when my tummy started craving for fast food , I decided to order a veg and non veg wrap from this outlet, online through Zomato. I will give them full credit for fast delivery and decent packaging.

I decided to order Chicken Wrap and Mexican Potato in Salsa Sauce.

Chicken Wrap

The paratha in which the wrap is rolled is made of  nice quality maida and is perfectly cooked. The maida paratha is tasty and very soft .It is  easily chewable. The chicken pieces are of medium size and the quantity is pretty good. The chicken is juicy, tender and yummy. This is a totally lip smacking wrap. The chicken and the onion pieces are perfectly blended in the sauce. Also the chicken and the onion pieces are well cooked. The wrap comes with a sachet of tomato ketchup and spice mixture, for those who love extra seasoning. Perfect for those who are  spice lovers. Considering the generous amount of the chicken , I would not complaint about the price. I will give them a 4.5 stars rating out of 5.

Mexican Potato in Salsa Sauce  Wrap

It is a best wrap for all those veg lovers out there. The wrap is perfectly styled and the packaging is fabulous. It comes with  a sachet of tomato ketchup. The wrap consists of potato, American corns well cooked in Salsa sauce. I just loved the crunchiness of this wrap. The American corns  add to the crunchiness. The sweet and sour taste of this wrap makes it a favorite fast food item, for veg lovers like me. I feel the taste factor of this wrap is quite good. The food quality is also high. I am also satisfied with the quantity of this wrap. I would be happy if the price would be a little less without compromising on the taste and quality. I would give it 4.0 stars out of 5.

I really loved this delivery based outlet , I would surely order from it again.


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