Fire a Good Servant and Bad Master : Fire Safety at Godrej Secure Spaces

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Kamala Mills fire incident has taught us Mumbaikars a BIG Lesson . But the question is have we learnt from it ?? Are we as proud citizens of this coastal city following the fire safety rules made for our own safety ? I believe it is a time to start questioning ourselves as well ! No doubt that the Government also needs to answer a lot of questions and become more accountable when it comes to f safety of the citizens, But as they say " Charity begins  at home" . We as citizens should also become proactive and adhere to the rules made for our security. 

Secure Spaces

The SecureSpaces organized by Godrej Secure on 24th of  April was a very informative session on how to be fire safe. The eminent panelist like  Major General Pavri, Mr. Kharbade Deputy Chief Fire. Officer  , Mr. Gokhale stressed on the fact that prevention can avoid major fire disasters.

The second round of nored panelists  Mr. Hafeez Contrator , Anubhav Gupta and Sanjay Malavi shed light on many  crucial issues that need to be addressed to keep our Mumbai city  safe and secure from fire. 

Hafeez Contractor and Anubhav Gupta at Godrej Secure Spaces

Noted spokesperson of the Indian National Congress party Mr. Sanjay Jha also correctly pointed out about the discriminatory attitude of the Government towards the fire broken out in elite areas and in the slums. 

At the end of the conclave , I would say that I learnt a lot about how to avoid fire mishaps by following the principles of "prevention is better than cure " , just like one of the panelist said .

Encanted Audience at Godrej Secure Spaces

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