The Journey of Karma Movie- Motion Teaser Launch With Shakti Kapoor

On the 26th April, I went for a motion poster launch of a new movie called The Journey of Karma. It is a comeback movie for the famous bollywood baddie and actor Shakti Kapoor. The film also stars the controversy queen Poonam Pandey in a role of a hardworking student.

Poonam was absent on the launch of the teaser. The release of the trailer is awaited. The event was hosted at The View By Krian near Fun Cinema in Andheri. The occasion was graced by the producer Jagbir Dahiya and his daughter along with the music director Danish Alfaz. Shakti Kapoor came on time and left a little bit before time. However, with the media personnel he was his casual self, cracking jokes and not being to starry.

He launched the motion poster while Mr.Dahiya launched the teaser.  The tagline of the movie is “You get what you deserve”. The story is about Karma - a young student, essayed by Poonam Pandey who lives with her mother. She doesn’t have enough money to pay her IT engineering fees which she plans to do in the USA. During her struggle, she meets a much older lonely poet- Shakti Kapoor.  It is said that he had not trimmed his beard for 3 months for the shoot.

The movie is symbolic of Karma’s journey which also translates into the law of Karma. Hence, the tagline “You get what you deserve”.

It will be interesting to see both Shakti Kapoor and Poonam Pandey make their come back after a long wait. The film also stars other new faces and it is Jagbir Dahiya’s first venture.

Hopefully, it will be a sensational yet meaningful movie to watch. Also, Poonam Pandey’s Bollywood career depends upon this movie. It would be fair to say, it’s The Journey of Karma- You Get What You Deserve!


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