Transiting Pluto Conjunct Ascendant: Time For Plutonic Makeover

Rambo साठी इमेज परिणाम

The time for a makeover. The time when Pluto approaches your descendant is the time to meet Plutonic partners. When he hits your ascendant, it's time for a Plutonic makeover. The deadly deeply passionate planet of rebirth and transformation appeals to you to bring out your best plutonic side. When you give up the old and the dead you, to embrace a new you that doesn't look like the previous one. The reason this time is personal. Someone challenging the go-getter, leader and winner inside you. Unlike the time when Pluto hits your descendant, your relationships or partners bring out a transformation in you. That transformation changes the way you look at relationships, making you hug a deeper and transformative relationship.

But this time, you have to transform because the world will be a bad place to live in. You may have to bring out the mafia in you. It is also the time when you may go through a complete body makeover. If you were thin, you'll gain weight and vice versa. However, most of this change will come out of a purpose or goal.

You may face facial or physical injury. It is the time when you become the "Kill Bill". Initially, the world was a good place and you new how to play the game by following the rules. When this transit begins, you longer meet the good rule following opponents.
godfather साठी इमेज परिणाम
Forget opponents, since this transit is taking place in Capricorn, the opponent might be a forefather. Someone you'll have to compete with and defeat to create your own powerful identity. You have to prove that you not only fit "God-father's" shoes but yours are bigger than his. An old and famous name belonging to your profession if not family, a patriarch will challenge your authority.

It will cause gut-wrenching pain. Yes, gut-wrenching and tear your apart. You will drown into Pluto deep sea of mystery and dark waters. From there, you'll have to emerge out as a Plutonian - Having Immortal Power of Passion and Transformation.

This is a Pluto that will put you in a race against the most deadly opponent who doesn't respect any rule. Especially, since Uranus is squaring him. There will be explosions of high intensity and you will be pushed in the darkest corner. The prize to be won may not be possible to part with. It can be anything or anyone. The demand of your deadly and powerful opponent can just be anything.

He or she, is confident of winning many races. He or she has the experience of winning at a hundred if not more. To win against this opponent will take not just brawn. It will take a saturnian strategy, mercurian wit, plutonic rebirth and martian strength.

 This transit will transform you into the "Great Gatsby", the one who grabs the tide and rides it to face the big bad world bravely.  It will happen when you learn to kill and show no mercy to evil. Just remember one thing, karma can be strange. We all have god and devil within us. Don't let this transit, giveaway the God inside you.

Pluto is a God and understand that Shiva destroys to recreate a person who is a better version of himself not a worse one.


SunVenusAries said…
Very interesting article Aishwarya!
Funnily enough..I have been exercising for years..since Pluto has been transiting my 6th house..& did lose all body fat a couple of years ago due to stress...(of the Plutonic relationship I have been referring to previously!)..& you could see all my muscles underneath!..haha (I was State Champion gymnast as a child, so have always loved exercising!).
I now have put on about a stone since the ..I still look fit to other people..but I do want to get rid of all body fat you can actually see all my muscles underneath..& I was wondering if that could actually happen..& stay that way? Pluto opposes my ascendant..then enters the 7th house!??..
Re ruthless business partner..there is a potential employer who definitely fits this description..hence I didn’t bother getting back to him..but he has asked me to go back for a chat..& as I said the whole situation feels like a lot of pressure from the word go..hence why I have been hesitant! Anyway, I will meet up tonight after work for a chat re a potential position with his firm...I’ll see what my gut tells me?..I’ll prob take the position..if it’s a paid one..& take the bull by the horns!..haha
Re Matt..if he really loves me...he will find a way to come back to me...I’m ready & willing for the truth either way...things can’t go on the way that they were..

Amy I believe you should go for a reading. At least a short one, I need to look into your charts to know where you are heading. Pluto is not transiting along he is receiving energy from other planets too. This transit is a major revelation for clearing karmic residue.
SunVenusAries said…
Hi Aishwarya,

My date of birth is 16/04/1973, Iruma, Saitama Japan @ 10:18am.

Matt’s is 13/7/1974, Engadine, Australia @ 6:13pm.

How much do you charge for a reading?

SunVenusAries said…

Matt’s date of birth is 9/7/1974!!!

You can find the readings on the website, I charge $12 for a full love compatibility reading. :)
Anonymous said…
Transiting Pluto is conjunct my Solar Return Ascendant on my Solar Return coming up in two months (and it is six degrees from transiting my Descendant as well, but I have a few years before that happens).

I'm a bit worried about the SR Pluto conjunct SR Ascendant. My two kids and I were hit by a car running a red light two months ago; I have a concussion still but we were otherwise unharmed. Last week the almost identical thing happened, but the car skidded around me and missed...and only my older child was with me.

I'm worried about this coming Solar Return, and am wondering whether I should travel to another state (or even country) for my birthday to separate the Pluto/Ascendant. A few years ago I had contacts between transiting or natal Pluto and the MC on SR (can't remember exactly), and my father had a heart attack and surgery, I had surgery, loss of pregnancy and job and so many more drastic things happened. Good things too--unbelievably I got married that year and it is a good marriage (fingers crossed with Pluto approaching descendant). I'm a little worried that this year I and/or one of my kids might die given the two extremely odd accidents that just happened.

Also I remember a very odd story from the Aurora theater (Colorado) shooting years ago. A blogger/sports journalist who died in that shooting had just been in another mass shooting in a Toronto mall, and had escaped. She was terrified, but relieved and blogged about it. A few months later she was dead in another mass shooting. It seems to me the universe had a message for her and she didn't hear it, or she didn't make a change she needed to make. I'm a little worried I could be sitting in a similar seat right now. The universe is telling me something but I'm not sure what.

There is information available on Pluto transiting Ascendant, but not the SR Pluto on the SR Ascendant on the Solar Return day. What warnings should I be taking into account for this situation?
Hi, sweetheart, would you like a reading? Even before that calm down. Meditate, Lord Shiva takes care of everything. Pluto is not a villain. So, chill. I can't tell you anything without looking at your chart. Also, Pluto conjunct Ascendant can give you idea of SR Pluto conjunct SR ascendant too.

Don't worry. It's just the time when you are asked to seek answers from your past. Sometimes your past life. There are negative forces at work that want to harm you. God just wants to remind you to bring out your inner reserve. No matter how difficult it sounds, there is light at the end of the darkest tunnel.

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