Inatur Skin Care Range : Best Beauty Products for Summer 2018

Inatur beauty products
Hello Beauties,

So, it's  almost middle of May  and everyone is heading to the beach and getting  tanned and all. That is why taking care of your skin becomes utmost important this summer.  I am sure some of you have gone through a hell lot of of beauty care products.

Just when you are about to  think there are enough beauty products out there for your skin, here comes Inatur with their new range of skin care products like Inatur Shower Gel , Scrub, face mask etc.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Inatur, the  skin care range that uses Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy   ingredients. I have started my new skin care routine by using the Inatur Olive  Scrub. I used it on my face when I am taking a shower . I liked it because I ended up with baby soft , clean and glowing skin.
Nikita Gharat Inatur

The next one I tried was the  Inatur Green tea Shower Gel.It has done wonders for my skin. It has a thick texture and refreshing fragrance. Although the price is little high.But it’s worth it, especially when you know you haven’t used anything with toxic ingredients. Awesome !

By now, you must have become   familiar with my love for all Inatur products, from the time I started using them.I cannot complete this post without mentioning  another important product that complements it – the Body Butter Olive . Now, I’ve used lot of products on my skin earlier. This one comes, in a jar, so it is quite convenient and also less messy. Moreover,it absorbs quickly , so there’s almost  no risk of you leaving your skin greasy.

So,which will be your fav skin care product of  summer 2018? If you’re still not sure, clear up your  doubts with my gallery!


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