Sweet Truth Delivery Outlet Powai: Awesomeness Chocolate Fantasy

I think this online delivery outlet is one of the best in the suburbs for Yummy Desserts. I had a sweet craving yesterday so , I ordered some yummy desserts online from this delivery based outlet through zomato.

I ordered Chocolate decadence and chocolate Fantasy

1. CHOCOLATE DECADENCE :I completely fell in love with this item. I love chocolate so  this one had to be on my wish list So, I ordered it and was totally happy with myself for that. It was perfectly baked and  the presentation was awesome. I guess if a Dessert is well presented it makes it even more appealing to the eyes. It looked totally  tempting I couldn't wait to dig in and was totally satisfied.

The Cake was a nice and  fluffy. It was also airy and light. I believe  it was a yummiest chocolate sponge cake that I have recently had. The cake had delectable chocolate creme amidst the layers. To make it more tempting the cake had  chocolate ganache on the top most layer, which made it more visually appealing. The cake was also very well decorated with walnuts , which made it look quite interesting. I can say that  the cake was tempting at the top, totally mouthwatering at the centre and completely juicy at the bottom. I will give it 4.2 stars out of 5 for the delectable taste and fabulous appearance.

2. Chocolate Fantasy
Chocolate Fantasy also called as chocolate lava  cake surpassed my expectations of a tasty chocolate  cake. I must it tastes better than the other outlets.The  cake had a yummy chocolate flavour. I must say that it was perfectly set in and nicely baked .  It was totally creamy and well packed in a silver color box. The molten chocolate dripping through it after you cut it , made it look and taste heavenly. I loved the cake a  lot . I want my Desserts to be little less on the sweetness quotient as i do not have a sweet tooth.I must confess it is perfectly sweet to cater to the interest of people like me, I would give Chocolate fantasy 4.5out of 5 stars rating.

I delivery is on time and comes in a well packed box. I loved both my items from sweet truth. I will definitely place an order again very soon. Thank you.


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