8th House Synastry: When You Feel It Deeply and Madly!

dracula साठी इमेज परिणाम
When the 8th house is affected in synastry, you will feel the hit truly, madly  and deeply. However, the planet person may not know at all. Most of the times people don't understand that in synastry house overlays, the planet person is not affected. It is the house person who feels the energy of the planet. The same is applicable for the asteroids and points. 

The house person is the host while the planet person is the guest. Until unless it has any friend or enemy belonging to the planet person, there is no way the planet person will feel anything. That is why, unrequited love takes place. There are four sensitive points where planets in synastry can affect us deeply such as the ascendant (mind, personality), IC (soul and past lives), descendant (partnerships and open enemies) and MC (family name, public image and professional status).

Nevertheless, there are other points that can be extremely personal such as 2nd house cusp (security needs), 5th house cusp (romance and procreation) and 8th house (deepest needs, deepest passion, kundalini energy and insecurities).

Even the detached 11th house cusp is about friendship needs. If planets from partner's chart hit these points then you will feel the energy highly. However, even when the planets are placed inside the house it also felt truly. 

Among all the 8th house is the house of deepest passion, security needs, sex, rebirth and death as well as kundalini energy. If the hits to the 2nd house are felt at the heart, then hits at 8th house are felt below, way below the heart inside the hidden corridors. That is why it is called the hidden house, the house of death and rebirth. Sex can be experienced with the 2nd house hits but with 8th house you experience the Kundalini rising that kills you and recreates you. 

The hits to the 8th house can threaten to wake-up our sleeping demons. They can turn us into an obsessive, possessive and crazy dracula in love who wants to drink blood of anyone who threatens the passion fulfilment. This is usually true if there are hits by uranus to the IC or AC or DC, even 5th house. Pluto, Mars and Uranus can be the biggest miscreants while Venus and Moon for men can push them off the edge. In case of women, they can attack men who place the feminine planets in their 8th house.

If Eros, Psyche, Valentine, Amor, Ceres, Juno or Chiron hit the 8th house then too, we can feel the urgency to reach the fulfilment. It's the call to rise our kundalini energy and release emotional tension. It is the long-awaited relief. Your karma wants to clear you and make you a new person. 

The Mummy Movie साठी इमेज परिणाम

You may have been in love before, it may have felt like true love. But this one feels real because it hits all the cords that you had forgotten existed in your ID. Though, the explanation Freud gives about the ID is those which are untamed desires with no control (characterized by Nessus in astrology), the truth is that ID is also raw passion and deep needs. It is also deep seated insecurity, fear and unfulfilled expectations that cries a storm to reach desired end. ID is also Kaali energy which can also be balanced by Shiva (the conscious or ego). 

Therefore, when someone enters our most secret place whose keys we have forgotten then our ID wakes up. That is why, we feel deeply and madly about this person who can get us what we need and not want the most. 

The clash starts when the person is not aware or interested or both in helping you to rise your kundalini energy. That person is least bothered to see if you are finally able to make out the difference between the one you thought was your true love and the one who actually is your real love.  8th house hits take you back to the roots of all the roots. When your kundalini is rising you feel the hit at the base root, the root of your oldest past life the one that made the real you. Therefore, when you see the planet person, you see yourself in him or her. A part that was either lost or long forgotten about. It initiates catharsis. When someone puts a stellium of personal planets then you feel that you are peeping into that deep well of souls. You see yourself at the bottom and want to jump right in to meet yourself.  

Even if the two personal planets/ ruler of ac,ic,5th,dc,8th or mc hit your ac/ic/5th/dc/8th/mc you will feel the same. Sometimes hits to 2nd and 12th also contribute in giving an urgent feeling. For example, if two planets such as moon and uranus hit the 8th while mars venus hit the IC then too you will experience a deep urge to merge with the planet person. 

Let's take a look at how planet and asteroid overlays to 8th house can make you feel as the house person. 

Sun in your 8th house: The light comes to the dark den of Pluto and suddenly it's illuminated. You see your hidden personality in the light. Your pride and goals are reflected back to you. This person is extremely handsome and magnetic. You see your royal side in him or her and pulled towards him/her. You admire this person and want to merge with his/her brightly shining soul and body.

Moon in your 8th house: A soul of light comes to the dark world. It has the power of controlling the tides and thus, pulls in your deepest emotions. There is a deep volcanic storm in your heart especially if that persons other personal planets/ ruler of ac,ic,5th,dc,8th or mc hit your ac/ic/5th/dc/mc or 12th house. 

Venus in your 8th house: The voluptuous goddess of love or handsome adonis knocks at your hidden corner of passion and transformation. You are attracted to her/him with your deepest desire and passion wanting to merge with her/him for transformation. You see your real love and love needs in this person. It is someone that can give you a soulful connection that feels more than just right. It connects to your deepest root and releases your tension. 

Mars in your 8th house: The sexual drive planet storms inside your secret hidden chamber and finds you exposed. Mars hits your most carnal desires with his fiery attempts to rock your underworld. He may be a cop who wants aggressively uncover your secrets but you don't get worked up by him. Instead, he arouses you to fire your kundalini fire and let a battle for love take place. The win is the merger of your innermost fire with blazing drive of love, so be it. Still, for a man with the 8th house energy and woman with the mars, it  can become a frustrating tussel where the man will burn but the woman won't cower down.

Mercury in your 8th house: The messenger gets in your house of shadow. The person who puts his/her mercury in your 8th house can take out secret information from you quite easily. You speak to him/her about all topics that can be taboo or much revealing about your innermost core. You feel extreme urge to reveal all that is on your mind to this person. It is highly risky, but 8th house is about losing control.

Jupiter in your 8th house: This person increases your appetite for deep love. You want to expand in all directions and gain knowledge about touching the base of the root of the roots. You will not want to hesitate in knowing everything and the hunger is ever increasing. If this person responses well to you then this can be great love. However, if not then it can be an extremely disturbing experience.

Saturn in your 8th house:  You don't want this karmic teacher here. The first reaction is that this person dries you up sexually and totally. Simply, you cannot experience love with this person. It is karma. The old master may bore you totally. You just want to get this person out of the secret hideout.

Uranus in your 8th house: A lightning strikes out one day, one night or one moment out of the blue. Your hidden place is blown up. Your secrets are out. They are tumbling uncontrollably and you can only helplessly watch. However, instead of getting angry, this UFO excites you and you want to merge unconditionally. You will never be the same person again. Being a generational planet this can be a risky planet. Still, if this person receives energy from you too then, it can be exciting unusual love.

Neptune in your 8th house:  A romance from the neverland opens the core of your cores. This person is the ideal soulmate from the past life that awakens hidden feelings . You meet this person and feel a psychic connection. You know them from some lifetime. Again, it is essential that this person feels the energy from you as well.

Pluto in your 8th house: There is nothing more transformative than this one. Your heart is wrenched out. You experience metamorphosis. This person will change you and make you erupt your deepest fears, insecurities, passions and intimate needs on the surface. This person comes with an opportunity either to you help you rise your kundalini energy like a Yogi or become a venomous deadly serpent.