Alibaug Beach : Off Shoulder Dress and Fun in the White SAND

Happy Sunday everyone! 

Nikita Gharat Off Shoulder Dress

YAY ! Its finally Raining in Mumbai ,I finally reached Mumbai today after my LONG Vacay in Alibaug. Want to know more about it ,Read Here

I found a hidden gem in Alibaug,Thal Beach.The Beach is a  mesmerizing little spot surrounded by white sands and beautiful trees. It just makes you feels like you’re in another world!

Nikita Gharat In Ginger by Lifestyle Dress

With a  superbly hot morning on Friday, I couldn’t imagine adorning anything else to the beach but this off shoulder black dress. Off Shoulder Dress  is a BIG trend this season , and this one is the best!
Besides,  it can be adorned  in different ways a low boat neck , off-the-shoulders and  one-shoulder.

Nikita Gharat

The off shoulder style gives this dress a naughty  touch while the floral prints makes it a darling of this season. I think this outfit is best for date night, summer parties and  much more!
If you want to visit this location, I have a some tips. Thal Beach is in Thal Village  which is located on Alibaug Rewas road. Parking is fairly easy. I hope you enjoy the location, outfit and photography. 

Nikita Gharat in Off Shoulder Ginger Dress
Thank you so much for reading! 
Enjoy !
Off Shoulder Dress Courtesy : Ginger By Lifestyle

Nikita Gharat Thal Beach, Alibaug


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