BAR BAR , Kurla , Phoenix Market city - Ambience and Food Review

Choco Oreo MilkshakeBAR BAR, KURLA
The pub  was full when we arrived, but since we had reserved it earlier ,we  managed to sit on the 
couch at a corner all to ourselves. Located in the Phoenix Market City mall, Kurla. The pub offers a 
fantastic lounge  like ambiance with welded poles making up the biggest part of their geometric 
welded design. The interiors are distinctive with steel bars decor all around  rendering it a rustic feel .
In addition to it , the dim lighting are extremely relaxing. The pub has a screen and bar. You can hang out  
with your friends or go  as a couple ,too.

The music is good enough to make your feet tap . The pub is quite lively.Moreover, it is also very spacious. 
I visited this place for a friends party. I had Choco Oreo Milk Shake, Amritsari Fish , Chinjabi Chilli Chicken and Big basket of fries.They have an adequate menu with a variety of items and well executed.

Food Review
They were    crispy and tasty salted fries, potato wedges and Peri Peri fries with a different types of dips. 
It was really worth the price.If you are a Fries lovers , you should definitely go for it.

Amritsari Fish
It was  amazing. The quantity was adequate for two. The fish was fresh,  juicy and delicious and very 
well cooked. It was also nicely marinated. Definitely ,a must try.

Chinjabi Chilli Chicken
It was  flavourful and saucy  with a huge quantity. The chicken was of very good quality. 
The chicken pieces were in a huge number.  The aroma was quite good. The quantity is quite good 
compared to the price. The chicken was soft and tender.

Beverages Menu
Everything, I and my friends had  at this place was delectable.
The beverages and especially “Lemonade” and   Choco Oreo Milkshake was so amazing that we asked 
for one more. Drinking menu was awesome and it is cost efficient one.

The service is Fantastic ! The staff is courteous, helpful and very attentive .I must compliment the staff 
as they are  well aware about every item mentioned on the menu and they also recommend the dishes 
according to the customer's preferences.

I and my friends  had a lovely evening here over some really delicious food. The staff was  helpful and 
service was quick.I give it 4.5 stars out of 5 .
The must-haves here
Choco Oreo Milkshake
Amritsari Fish
Chinjabi Chilli Chicken

Amritsari Fish , BAR BAR, KURLA


Chinjabi Chilli Chicken BAR BAR, KURLA




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