Behrouz Biryani : A Royal Feast For EID 2018

Behrouz Biryani review
Since EID is fast approaching , I decided to get in the festive mood with some of my pals and ordered Dum Gosht Biryani . I ordered Behrouz Biryani through Zomato.

And yes, the Biryani was beyond my  expectations. Within 30mins I received my  food in a nicely packed box. I must say looking at the packaging you will get a royal feeling. The packaging has got a royal touch to it.
Behrouz Biryani for EID 2018

Dum Gosht Biryani - Review

The aroma of the Biryani is something which will get you drool over it for a long time. The taste was yummy! Biryani was  not at all spicy.Although , I would have liked it to be a little more spicy. The mutton was perfectly cooked. The Biryani is  accompanied with a Gulab Jamun and Raitha. I wouldn’t say that it completely justifies the price keeping in mind the quantity of the biryani. I think they should add a couple of more  mutton pieces, cause I felt the pieces are too less with respect to the quantity of the whole Biriyani. Raita was like the usual ones, but it went well with the biryani.Raita was freshly prepared , so that was very nice. The Gulab Jamun was very tasty and that was a USP for my stomach.

Gulab Jamun - Behrouz Biryani

Coming back to the Biryani, the presentation of the Biryani was  excellent! Clove , Cardamom, and some other aromatic ingredients make the taste and flavor of the biryani awesome. The long grain basmati rice was of good quality and very well cooked .The boneless meat pieces  were perfectly marinated and the spices really well balanced.

Behrouz Biryani Food Review

I really Look  forward to try other meat  items on their menu soon. I would give Behrouz Biryani  4 stars out of 5 mainly because of the less quantity compared to the price.
Behrouz Biryani


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