China Pearl , Bangalore - One Stop Destination for Chinese Cuisine

China Pearl Bangalore

China Pearl Bangalore

On my recent visit to Bangalore. I along with my bestie , who now lives there,  went to China Pearl. The main reason was that we wanted to eat some authentic Chinese food and not desi Chinese.
My friend  visits this restaurant often with his friends and likes the food here. I am sure after eating the food , I  was sure that I had made a right choice .

Food review
We Ordered  a lot of food like Schezwan fried rice , Thai fried chicken,Chicken hot and sour soup  etc.But they refused to make it one by two. They first served us with cucumbers ,cabbage. And pickles. Till are food was ready. Perfect blend of sour, tangy and spice.The service is pretty quick. It did not take them a long time to serve our food.

The soup was a nice blend of  spicy, tangy and sour taste. The food was yummy. However, the  quantity is adequate for 2 persons. We were just two of us , so we did not have a problem. They have a nice  balance of veg and non veg options to serve. The food quantity is sufficient for three adults.I loved each and every item . Each dish  was delectable and perfectly cooked. The cost is just 1200/- which is good for two people. I even liked the presentation of each and every item that we ordered.

Ambiance review
First and foremost , parking space is is available which is the best part. Now talking about the ambiance it is quite and relaxing place with soft instrumental music playing. It has dim lighting's with comfy seating arrangements. It can accommodate a lot of people. So, good if you want to party with your friends.

The waiters are courteous and  helpful. China pearl has two floors, we  were on the ground floor. Everything is neat and tidy and clean.You have to place the order with the  manager and the waiters serve you.


I liked  it . I will give it 4.0 stars out of 5 .


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