Do High Heels have their Roots in Ancient Indian architecture?

Hello Stylistas,

Ramalingeshwar Temple

They say that “ Shoes can actually  transform you into a Princess” Don’t believe me, ask Cinderella . No wonder, Indian temples are full of  extensive sculptures depicting fashionably dressed women. One such image found in ramalingeswara temple in Telangana has adorned high heels. So, do the most fashionable high heels the essence of every stylista have their origination in ancient India ?

Are  the world’s Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choos , Gucci etc listening ? To quote Coco Chanel: “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions. So, in other words we can say that fashion and architecture go hand in hand. That’s the reason perhaps why most of the recent fashion shoots of models like kendall jenner,Gigi Hadid etc are near historical monuments.

Ancient Architectural marvels have always inspired fashion designers ti conduct their fashion shoots etc. But , to everyone's surprise, high heels the fancy of  all women has its orgigination in India. Indian women from ancient times have been walking in style and grace adorning high heels.

High Heels Ramalingeshwar temple

Shocked!  I had the same reaction after seeing the pictures of the sculptures at Ramalingeshwar temple, situated in Telangana

Due to the Architectural  mastery and proficient sculpting, the  Ramalingeswara temple have become famous for their carvings. This temple celebrates of style as they depict sculptures of  beautifully ornamented slim waisted well-proportionate women dorning the temple walls.These women are known as apsaras. The perfectly  contoured bodies of these nymphs alongwith their great sense of style leaves you mesmerized.

This temple gives you an insight into the life of Indian women in the 12th Century AD. From the images you can clearly see that these women are adorning high heels with great confidence. This temple built during  the reign of the Chola times is a must visit not only because of its importance as holy destination but also as architectural marvel.

So, get ready to slay in high heels and be proud of your Indian roots.



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